Can LED lights be used for growing cannabis?

I’ve heard that LED lights are becoming popular for growing plants, including cannabis. Can LED lights provide the right spectrum for growing cannabis and produce good yields?

One answer “Can LED lights be used for growing cannabis?

  1. For many years now, growers of cannabis have been trying to find lighting sources that could make the growing of their crop both efficient and economical. LED lighting provides an answer to this challenge by offering a light source that is energy efficient, cost effective and capable of supplying the correct spectrum of light needed to produce optimal yields.

    LED lighting emits a specific spectrum of light that is tailored to the needs of the cannabis grower. LEDs are composed of tiny light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are combined to create a more uniform light that is cooler, brighter, and more intense than traditional lighting sources. This spectrum of light is tailored to the needs of the cannabis plant, as it is composed of a variety of wavelengths which have each been optimized to support different stages of the growing process. The red and blue LEDs used in LED lighting deliver the perfect wavelength of light that helps to stimulate the flowering and bud development of the cannabis plant.

    Not only does LED lighting cater to the needs of the cannabis plant far better than traditional lighting sources, it is also incredibly energy-efficient, saving the user up to 50% in energy costs when compared to older methods of lighting. The light produced by LEDs does not need to be refreshed frequently and lacks any infrared component, making it not only cheaper to purchase but also better for the environment.

    Furthermore, using LED lighting systems for growing cannabis allows the user to preset specific lighting schedules for the plants and makes timing for watering and fertilizing much easier. LEDs are also flexible, which makes them the perfect option for tight growspace areas and other unconventional setups, such as closets and rooms that do not have traditional ventilation.

    Of course, many believe that growing cannabis under LED lighting is only recommended as an artificial light source and cannot be used as a complete replacement for sunlight. This is not necessarily the case, as LED lamps emit the perfect spectrum of light needed to produce excellent yields of cannabis in both indoors and outdoors environments.

    Ultimately, LED lighting is proving to be an excellent alternative lighting source to those growing cannabis who are looking for a cost effective, energy efficient, and tailored solution to their growing needs. LED lights offer the right spectrum of light needed to produce good yields and given their flexibility can provide a viable alternative to traditional grow lights in any setting.

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