One answer “Can SCROG be combined with other growing techniques?

  1. Combining SCROG (Screen of Green) with other growing techniques like LST (Low Stress Training) makes it possible to maximize the potential yield from a single cannabis plant while still maintaining a palatable grow space. SCROG is a technique used to help grow cannabis by training plants to spread horizontally across the grow area. This technique increases the surface area available to receive light and maximizes the density of the cannabis buds. LST is a technique used to lower plant stress by stretching and manipulating the plant to promote multiple shoots and more growth.

    When you combine SCROG with other growing techniques, like LST, you get the best of both worlds. The two methods yield a greater overall yield than either could alone. Here’s how you can go about combining SCROG with LST.

    First, SCROG with the branches of your cannabis plant. This is done by making an even layer of foliage at a height of 8 – 12 inches above the base of the plant. Each branch should be about an inch thick and of equal length. You’ll also want to tie the branches with string, or some other material so that they are held in place, allowing you to spread all of the branches equally. This technique will allow for even light exposure, as well as maximum yield potential.

    Once the SCROG process is done, you can now move onto LST. LST is what helps separate a basic SCROG grow from one that utilizes both SCROG and LST. LST helps reduce plant stress, while promoting more internode stretching and multiple shoots. With LST, you’ll want to start at the base of the plant and then work your way up. This way, you’ll be able to manipulate the growth patterns of each branch and promote the maximum amount of bud production possible.

    Once you’re done with both techniques, you’ll want to monitor your grow and make sure all of the branches stay in place and that each is receiving the correct amount of light. After this, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor – and increase the potential for a high-yielding harvest.

    When it comes to combining SCROG with other growing techniques, there is no one-size-fits-all answer and each grower is free to interpret the techniques differently in order to obtain optimal yields. If you’re looking to maximize yield and minimize stress, then SCROG and LST are an excellent combination. Not only will you get a more evenly spread out plant, but you will also get better quality buds, as the plant will be better able to direct its energies into buds that have received the correct amount of light and nutrients.

    Overall, combining and taking advantage of different growing techniques, such as SCROG and LST, can help to increase the potential yield from a single cannabis plant. While no two growers will have the same exact results, the combination of these two techniques has the benefit of allowing for maximum light and nutrient exposure to the buds, thereby increasing overall quality and yield.

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