Can terpenes be used to enhance the therapeutic effects of cannabis?

I’m interested in using cannabis for its therapeutic properties, and I’ve heard that terpenes can play a role in this. Is it possible to use terpenes to enhance the therapeutic effects of cannabis, and if so, how?

One answer “Can terpenes be used to enhance the therapeutic effects of cannabis?

  1. Cannabis has been used as a therapeutic remedy for thousands of years. From physical and mental relief of symptoms to a more holistic approach of treating illnesses and health issues, cannabis has shown to have a rich history of therapeutic benefits. There’s no question that using cannabis for medicinal purposes can be highly effective, and many studies have focused on the various compounds found in the plant, such as cannabinoids and terpenes. Recently, research has revealed that terpenes play a crucial role in the therapeutic effectiveness of cannabis, and can be used to enhance the effects of cannabis when working to treat various health conditions.

    What Are Terpenes?

    Simply put, terpenes are organic compounds found in the essential oils of plants, fruits, herbs, and trees, including cannabis. Terpenes are primarily responsible for the strong aromas and flavors of many natural products, and they are thought to contain numerous therapeutic benefits. In cannabis, the terpenes are found in the trichomes, or fine hairs, of the plant. Although often overlooked, terpenes carry a wealth of potential benefits, and should not be overlooked in the world of medical cannabis.

    Potential Benefits of Terpenes

    Perhaps the biggest potential benefit of terpenes lies in their ability to regulate the effects of the various cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. When taken together, terpenes and cannabinoids have a synergistic effect, often referred to as the “entourage effect”. This means that, when terpenes are combined with cannabinoids, the effects of each are increased and take on a different quality than when taken alone.

    For example, the terpene myrcene is known to have sedative properties, and when combined with THC, is thought to create more intense relaxing and analgesic effects than if taken alone. In addition to regulating the effects of cannabinoids, terpenes can also provide numerous other health benefits.

    Certain terpenes, such as limonene, are thought to possess antifungal, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant properties. Pinene is another common terpene found in cannabis, and is thought to contain anti-inflammatory effects and may even help improve cognitive function. Additionally, many terpenes seemingly work as bronchodilators and may be helpful in providing relief for certain respiratory conditions.

    How to Use Terpenes To Enhance Cannabis

    There are a few different ways to use terpenes in order to increase the therapeutic effects of cannabis. The simplest way is to simply smoke or vape a strain of cannabis that is high in one or more terpenes that are known to have specific therapeutic effects.

    For example, if you are looking for pain relief, you could look for a strain that is high in myrcene, as myrcene is thought to contain powerful analgesic properties.

    Another way to maximize the therapeutic effects of cannabis with terpenes is to take advantage of products that have been formulated to combine specific terpenes with cannabinoids. These products are becoming very popular in the medical cannabis market, and can be a great way to get a personalized experience tailored to the individual needs of the user.

    To ensure the most effective use of terpenes, it’s best to do your research and talk to your doctor or licensed medical cannabis practitioner to find out which strains and products contain the right terpenes for your condition and desired therapeutic effects.


    Overall, terpenes have the potential to play a huge role in the therapeutic efficacy of cannabis. By using specific strains or products high in certain terpenes, many users have experienced notable improvements in their health conditions. While it may take a bit of research, the result of finding the right terpene combinations can be well worth it.

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