One answer “Do cannabis seeds germinate better in the dark?

  1. When it comes to germinating cannabis seeds, the most ideal conditions will result in the highest success rate. At the very least, a successful germination must involve moisture, proper temperature, and darkness. Since light can affect the overall growth of cannabis plants, it’s important to take into account a few key factors when investing in germinating the seeds.

    One of the most important elements in germinating cannabis seeds is temperature. The right environment should be maintained between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-26.7 Celsius) for optimal results. Keep in mind that the excessive and fluctuating temperatures can cause the seed to rot, and cause the germination process to fail.

    Moisture is another key factor that should be considered. In order to germinate cannabis seeds, humidity levels should be between 60 and 80 percent. Quite simply, the seeds should be kept moist at all times in order to remain in optimal germination condition. Soaking them in water for about 24 hours should be enough for the germination process to begin.

    Now, does darkness play a role in the germination process? Absolutely. The reason being, cannabis seeds require complete darkness in order to enhance their germination rate. Bear in mind that too much light exposure can be detrimental to the process and seeds may not even germinate.

    When it comes to germinating cannabis seeds, creating the right environment is of utmost importance. Make sure to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels, as well as ensure that the seeds are kept in complete darkness in order to ensure they reach their maximum potential. With the right combination of these factors, the likelihood of your seeds successfully germinating is much higher. The results will be worth the effort and your cannabis plants will surely develop and thrive in the right conditions.

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