One answer “Do male cannabis plants have seeds?

  1. Yes, male cannabis plants can produce seeds, often referred to as “male seed” among growers. While male seed-bearing plants should generally be avoided due to their growth characteristics, a breeder may decide to use male plants to ensure specific traits for their offspring.

    When cannabis plants start to flower, male plants will produce sac-like structures called “pollen sacs”. Inside these pollen sacs are numerous pollen grains which can fertilize neighboring female plants, producing fertilized seeds. In most cases, this is an undesirable trait for growers, as seeding can forcefully stop female plants from producing flowers or cause a lower quality yield.

    Male seed-bearing plants can be useful in breeding, however. By allowing male plants to self-pollinate, a breeder can ensure that their genetics stay true and the offspring will possess the same traits as the parent.

    In contrast to regular outdoor cannabis plants, plant breeders may also opt to intentionally produce male seed-bearing plants. These male plants will then be used to create designer crosses or as a source of pollen for other breeding projects. In this case, it is desirable to have a male seed-bearing plant, as it allows a breeder to create a specific hybrid and work toward their final desired goals.

    Additionally, the abundance of male seed-bearing plants has allowed for the development of quality stabilized cannabis strains. Generally, these stabilized strains rely on an increased presence of male plants in their production. These males are used to selectively breed and further stabilize the genetics of the strain.

    In conclusion, male cannabis plants can produce pollen sacs and fertilized seeds. Whether or not a breeder decides to use them as part of their projects is up to them. Regular outdoor growers may want to avoid male plants due to the threat of seeding whereas breeders may find them to be desirable tools in the creation of specific strains or hybrids.

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