One answer “Fimming Cannabis Plants

  1. Fimming (or “FIM-ing”) is a cannabis pruning technique that involves selectively snipping the tips of some cannabis branches, in order to encourage lower branches to grow thicker in a process of “explosive” growth. Fimming increases the density of lateral branches—and, by consequence, the yields of bud sites—without significantly increasing the height of the plant.

    Fimming is a variation of the topping technique, but rather than removing the main stem entirely, only the very top, or “apex,” of the stem is trimmed with a pair of pruning shears. The exact definition of the “center” of the apex is subjective, with most growers agreeing that it’s better to leave some growth remaining rather than completely cutting away all of the new shoots.

    When pruning this way, the trimmed area must be done at an angle that opposes the direction of growth, or it will impinge on the plant’s ability to grow outwards. This means cutting away the center part of the apex and leaving the outside portions of the shoot intact. After pruning in this manner, the apex of the stem will begin to split into multiple tips, creating several new shoots or branches rather than one.

    Fimming is best done during the vegetative growth (or “vegging”) stage, when shoots are growing more rapidly. If done too early during the vegetative stage, some of the lower branches may have not have had a chance to be exposed to light and won’t be able to catch up. It is also important that plants have ample foliage before attempting to FIM them – this provides the new shoots with the resources necessary to stay alive and thrive.

    Fimming is a reliable method for improving yields in cannabis plants, as it creates a large number of new sites for colas to form, but it does come with a few downsides. For one thing, it increases the overall surface area of the plant, making it physically larger and more difficult to manage. Additionally, Fimming puts an unbalanced amount of stress on a cannabis plant, which can cause light burn and reduce its overall yield. To compensate for these issues, it is important to prune sparingly and to carefully monitor the growth of the plants afterward.

    Overall, Fimming is an effective pruning technique that is relatively easy to do. It will increase the yields of your cannabis plants without drastically increasing their size. While Fimming can be done throughout the vegetative growth stage, it is best to wait until plants have ample foliage before attempting it. Just be sure to prune sparingly and keep a close eye on your plants’ progress to help ensure that your efforts pay off with a quality harvest.

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