Germination Method Comparison

What are the pros and cons of using paper towel method, rockwool cubes and Jiffy peat pellets for germinating cannabis seeds?

One answer “Germination Method Comparison

  1. Paper Towel Method:

    The Paper Towel Method for germinating cannabis seeds is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to germinate your precious seeds. This method is fairly simple, but does require a bit of patience and a keen eye.


    ● This method doesn’t require much money or materials, as all that’s required is two or three sheets of paper towels, two or three shallow dishes or containers and two or three slightly larger containers of water.

    ● The paper towel method is also easily customizable due to the fact that you’re able to make it fit to whatever size space you have available, being able to use larger or smaller dishes, depending on how many seeds you’d like to germinate at once.

    ● This method will help you conserve the expensive nutrients the young cannabis seeds need to get started until they’re ready to move to a more suitable growing environment, such as a medium.


    ● If too much moisture is absorbed into the paper towel, the water will not be able to move freely between the towel’s fibers, causing the seeds’ surface to dry out before the embryo has time to break through.

    ● The paper towel method can also be prone to contamination, as it is constantly exposed to air which can be a breeding ground for mould and other disease-causing organisms.

    ● Additionally, the germinated seedlings are at risk of damage when moving them to a growing medium, as the paper towel can easily tear, causing the delicate root system to become damaged and unable to absorb water and nutrients.

    Rockwool Cubes:

    Rockwool cubes are manufactured forms of rock, which are often used to pest and disease-free environment as well as provide an ideal substrate for germinating cannabis seeds.


    ● Rockwool cubes have a large water-holding capacity, meaning the water and nutrients can be directly absorbed by the seedlings’ growing roots, providing them with the best opportunity for growth.

    ● Rockwool cubes are also resistant to pests and mould, which can be commonly found in other germination methods.

    ● Because the rockwool is pre-made, it’s also very easy to handle and transfer the sprouts to another growing medium without damaging them in the process.


    ● Unfortunately, because there is so much water inside the cubes, they tend to swell up and dry out quickly, making it difficult to maintain an ideal moisture level.

    ● This method can also be expensive, as you will need to purchase the rockwool cubes as well as a germination tray and lid.

    ● As the rockwool cubes are quite dense, it can be difficult for the roots to penetrate through when the seedlings are ready for transplantation.

    Jiffy Peat Pellets:

    The Jiffy peat pellets, or “peat” pots, have become a popular and simple way to germinate cannabis seeds. This germination method is very economical and only requires a few simple items such as a shallow dish, some warm water and a few Jiffy peat pellets.


    ● The Jiffy peat pellets are biodegradable, meaning they can be planted directly into the ground once the seedling is ready.

    ● This method requires very little maintenance, as only warm water needs to be added to the peat pot in order to moisten the moss.

    ● The pellets are also able to hold moisture for a longer period of time compared to paper towels.


    ● Peat pellets do not have a large water-holding capacity and this can often result in the pot drying out at varying levels, causing the seedling to become stressed and underdeveloped.

    ● The tiny size of the pellets can also make it hard to see the young seedlings, making it difficult to identify and correct any problems.

    ● As the pellets are made from ground up moss, they can often contain tiny insects, which can lead to infestation if not carefully monitored.

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