How can I reduce the harshness of smoking cannabis?

What are some ways to make smoking cannabis less harsh on your throat and lungs? Are there any techniques or products that can help reduce the harshness of the smoke?

One answer “How can I reduce the harshness of smoking cannabis?

  1. Smoking cannabis can be harsh on the throat and lungs if you’re not careful. While it can be managed, learning how to make it easier on your throat and lungs is something all cannabis smokers should familiarize themselves with.

    One of the most important tips you can take away to reduce harshness is to go slow and take smaller hits. The harshness of your smoke will intensify the more quickly you take your hit. Taking slow, smaller hits will reduce this effect.

    Monitor your bud’s moisture content and avoid smoking overly dry flower. If your nugs are too dry, it’ll be more difficult to draw smoke, plus it’ll be more likely to burn quickly, taste bad, and be harsh on your throat.

    Grinding up your bud is another great way to reduce harshness. A finer grind will provide you with better airflow and will make it easier to draw than chunks of unground weed. This can be done with a 4-piece grinder, which will also collect pollen from your flower that can be applied directly to your bowl for extra potency.

    Utilizing a bowl piece is another popular technique for making smoking cannabis less harsh. Bowl pieces come in all shapes and sizes and help cool the smoke before it enters your throat. The larger the bowl, the more time it will have to cool down, and the smoother the hit.

    Filtering your smoke is another popular way to reduce harshness. Bubblers and bongs are equipped with either built-in or removable filters that break down the smoke into tiny particles, making it easier on your throat and lungs. This can be done with dry pipes as well, like Sherlock pipes or hammer bubblers.

    Another great way to make cannabis smoking more enjoyable is to add one of the many products designed to reduce harshness. Popular options on the market include honeycomb glass filters and percolator bongs. Honeycomb filters break down the smoke into smaller particles to reduce harshness and even out the temperature of the smoke. Percolators work similarly by diffusing the smoke through a series of water and glass chambers before it enters your throat.

    Finally, many cannabis users have shifted towards other methods of consumption such as edibles, tinctures, and topical salves in order to enjoy the medicine without having to smoke anything. This may not reduce harshness, but it is a viable way to deliver cannabinoids to your body without the harshness that comes from smoking.

    All in all, learning how to make cannabis smoking less harsh is an important step for any cannabis user. With the right tips, products and techniques, you can make smoking cannabis smoother, easier, and more enjoyable for both your throat and lungs.

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