How do I know if my cannabis plants are getting enough nutrients?

What are the signs that my plants are receiving an adequate amount of nutrients, and how can I tell if they’re getting too much or too little?

One answer “How do I know if my cannabis plants are getting enough nutrients?

  1. If your plants are getting the nutrients they need, you’ll start to witness some clear signs of a healthy outcome. Primarily, you’ll notice that they’ll have lush leaves and stems, a vibrant color and a strong structure. Healthy foliage is typically the most obvious sign of your plants thriving on the right balance of nutrients.

    Next, you’ll see some increased growth. Healthy plants will put on new leaves and flowers and start to climb, branch or sprawl while thriving on the right blend of nutrients. This will always be accompanied by a regular growth pattern with orderly development, that could be based on a climatic cycle or a certain period of time.

    Another important sign of your plants receiving the right nourishment is an increase in overall resistance. This increased essential energy will enable them to fight off diseases, pests and other external problems.

    You’ll also spot a subtle difference in texture when your plants are receiving the optimum amount of nutrients. Foliage and roots should be properly developed and look smooth to the touch.

    Then there’s the flowering aspect of your plants. If a plant that ordinarily flowers is producing bigger and brighter blooms, then there’s a high chance that it’s receiving enough nutrients.

    To check if your plants are receiving too much or too little nutrients, there are a few things you want to look out for. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure their foliage is staying greener than normal. Foliage that’s growing too quickly means they’re receiving an excess of nutrients and nutrients not entering the plants system if the foliage is dull and yellow.

    Also, regardless of their growth rate, if their foliage starts to develop spots and other discolorations this could be a sign that they’re receiving too much of certain essential minerals. Additionally, if your otherwise healthy plants develop a wilting or dry appearance, then it’s possible they’re either not receiving enough water or the right combination of nutrients.

    When it comes to excessive nutrients, this will usually cause plants to grow bigger than normal. If it continues, they could become stunted and warped. This effect will increase with foliar applications, so you may want to keep an extra close eye on your plants if you’ve been applying lots of foliar nutrition.

    Overall, if you’re wondering if your plants have been receiving the right amount of nutrients, keeping your eyes on the above-mentioned signs should at least point you in the right direction. However, the real secret to guaranteeing your plants are nourished properly is to make sure you’re providing them with the exact breeds of minerals and macronutrients that they need to grow. Also, it will help to make sure you’re giving them the right quantity of nourishment – neither too much nor too little.

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