How does a SCROG setup work for growing cannabis?

Could you give me a rundown on how the SCROG setup works for growing cannabis? I’ve heard it’s a popular method, but I’m not sure exactly how it functions.

One answer “How does a SCROG setup work for growing cannabis?

  1. SCROG, or Screen of Green, is a popular cannabis growing technique that works by training the plants to grow horizontally instead of vertically. It does this by placing a screen, usually made of chicken wire, directly above the plants and pushing down new growth so that it grows out of the screen instead of up. This not only prevents the plant from getting too big, but also helps to increase yields by providing more surface area for the plants to grow buds.

    The goal of SCROG growing is to have a large flat canopy made up of full-sized colas. To achieve this, you will need to determine the number of plants you are going to put in your grow space and the size of the screen you will be using. The screen should be around two to three feet above the plants and have holes that are large enough for the new growth to fit through. You will also need to support the screen with stakes or poles, to keep it in place.

    Once the plants have grown, it’s time to start training them by pushing the new growth down through the screen. This will promote branching and allow for more even growth. You may need to tie the branches down with stakes to get them to grow flat, if the screen isn’t able to hold the weight of the branches on its own. As the plant grows and has more branches, you can adjust the screen if needed to make sure the branches are getting enough light.

    With SCROG, you also need to ensure that the plants are getting enough water and nutrients to support the additional growth. When the plants reach full size, you can start toping, or pruning the plants to further stimulate growth and increase yields.

    Overall, SCROG is a good way to get higher yields, especially if you’re limited on space. This simple technique can help you get the most out of your grow, however it does require a bit of maintenance to make sure your plants stay healthy and your screen is staying in place. If you’re up for the challenge, SCROG could be the perfect cannabis growing technique for you!

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