How does SCROG impact the final yield of cannabis plants?

I’m curious about the effects of using SCROG on the final yield of cannabis plants, does it improve or hinder the yield compared to other growing techniques?

One answer “How does SCROG impact the final yield of cannabis plants?

  1. When it comes to cannabis growing, SCROG or Screen of Green is a technique that involves training your cannabis plants by using a grid or mesh to train the plant’s branches and stems to create an even canopy. This is also often referred to as low stress training (LST). The idea is to create an optimally even canopy that will use all available light to grow the largest possible yield of usable bud in the cannabis plants’ space.

    The SCROG network of branches, stems and buds is meant to enable cannabis flowers to receive equal amounts of light and air flow, leading to the utilization of all available space in an even and uniform manner. This can eventually lead to a higher yield, depending on the grower’s workflow and resources, while also creating a uniform look to the buds and providing more even curing and drying of all parts of the flower.

    The biggest advantage to using SCROG rather than other traditional methods is that it provides more even light distribution throughout the canopy of the plant. This means that, when done right, SCROG maximizes the intensity and uniformity of the plants’ photosynthesis. With traditional plant training methods like topping and pruning, plants can become deformed and uneven, thus preventing the use of all available light and space.

    Additionally, SCROG can be used to increase yield by manipulating the way the plant is structured. Depending on the grower’s preferences and available space, SCROG can be used to affect growth: By spreading out and evenly evenly train the branches, the plants will create a large, flat profile that will maximize its canopy space and allow for the best utilization of the available light. This will in turn create more bud sites, increasing the eventual yield.

    Another benefit of SCROG is that it allows for greater access to individual plants when tending to them. When given a network of veins and buds on a single bud, the grower can easily reach every single part of the plant, giving them more control when it comes to topping, pruning and feeding the plant. This will help ensure uniform growth and an even canopy, thus increasing yields.

    Finally, SCROG creates a more aesthetically pleasing finished product, leading to an enhanced user experience. The evenness of the buds when they are harvested create a beautiful look to the flower, which can be beneficial in some markets.

    Overall, SCROG is a growing technique that, when done right, can provide cannabis growers with an even canopy and higher yields as a result. The technique allows for greater access when tending to the plants, and can also improve the overall aesthetic of the final product. However, it is important to note that this technique requires additional expertise and time in order to be undertaken correctly, so it is important to research extensively and understand the specific needs of your own cannabis plants before attempting to try this method.

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