How long does it take to create a new cannabis strain?

On average, how long does it take to create a new stable cannabis strain through breeding? Is there a specific process or timeline that breeders follow?

One answer “How long does it take to create a new cannabis strain?

  1. Creating a new stable cannabis strain through breeding is a long and painstaking process that can take years to achieve the desired results. Expert breeders know the genetic makeup of each parent plant, and their crossbreeding process is designed to bring something new and final to the particular strain.

    The breeding process begins with a selection of suitable parent plants that exhibit the desired traits. This process can be as simple as selecting two different plants based on the desired results or complex breeding programs that utilize a number of parent plants spanning multiple generations. Breeding is all about controlled crossing so selecting the right combination with the right traits is vital. The seed banks that provide cannabis seed strains have spent years developing their stable and unique strains, and the result of their efforts are widely enjoyed by growers and enthusiasts alike.

    Once the parent plants are selected, the next step is to form the hybrids. This is done by cross-pollinating and combining the genetic material of the two parent plants. This process can be long and tedious, but it is essential to ensure that the end product is of a stable and quality phenotype.

    Once the hybrids are formed, it’s time to start testing and refining the strain. Through a checking process, breeders can determine which of the plant offspring shares the most desirable traits of their parent plants. This testing can also reveal which traits are heritable and which are not, providing breeders with more insight and control of the end result. This process may take up to several years depending on the resources available and time invested in a strain’s development.

    After the testing process, the final steps involve stabilizing the phenotype and producing seeds. To ensure consistency and stability, the strain must first be tested for stability to maximize consistency among different batches. Once a stable phenotype is achieved, it’s time to harvest the plants and produce seeds. Seed production involves collecting the pollen from male plants then hand pollinating the female plants. This is all done to further refine the quality of the strain, as well as to produce seeds of the same phenotype. This process can take up to six months, and if the strain maintains consistency and quality, it’s ready to be released and spread throughout the cannabis world.

    In summation, to create a new stable cannabis strain through breeding takes years, precision and patience. No two strains will ever be the same and the process is highly subjective. There isn’t one set process or timeline that breeders must follow when producing new strains, as many factors play a part in the end results. What has become evident however, is that the process of creating a new stable cannabis strain is one that should not be entered into lightly, as it is a long and costly endeavour. Despite the dedication involved, the end results are often worth it, providing an improved and unique strain that both growers and cannabis enthusiasts can appreciate for years to come.

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