How to clone cannabis plants?

What is the proper way to clone my cannabis plants? I want to ensure that I’m cloning them correctly and efficiently.

One answer “How to clone cannabis plants?

  1. Cloning is one of the most common and efficient methods of propagating cannabis plants, and with a bit of patience and diligence, you can easily achieve perfect clones of your best plants. Cloning cannabis is a great way to preserve your favorite genetics and even create consistent, potent yields of your desired strain with each harvest.

    The first step of cloning cannabis requires the selection and preparation of the mother plant. You will want to select the healthiest and strongest plant of your desired genetics. Then, prepare it by ensuring that the plant is well-fed and given ample light, air flow and water. The genes of the mother plant will determine the genes of the clone, so make sure that you have chosen well.

    Once the mother plant is ready, it’s time to prepare the cloning environment. You will need to create an area with the right temperature, humidity and airflow to keep the clones healthy and thriving. Generally, the ideal environment for cloning is 70-75°F, about 75-85% humidity, and good air circulation. For keeping humidity levels consistent, many growers choose to invest in a propagation chamber such as a grow tent or DIY setup.

    Next, it’s time to take the cuttings from the mother plant. Using a very sharp and sterilized (alcohol soaked) blade, take small sections from the branches that contain at least two nodes (where the fan leaves connect to the stem). Make sure that the cutting is between 2-3 inches in length. After you are done taking cuttings, make sure to immediately dip them in rooting solution or gel, as this will help to make sure that the clones have a strong root system formed.

    Now, you are ready to plant the cuttings. For growing media, you’ll want to use a well-draining soil, rockwool, or coco fiber, as these mediums hold on to water yet still allow for adequate air flow. Gently plant the cuttings into the chosen growing medium, taking care not to damage the stem. After planting, mist the clones with water and make sure to not overwater them.

    Once the clones are in the proper medium, you can move them to the desired environment. Keep the humidity and temperature consistent, and remember to adjust the vent settings accordingly. If possible, adding a fan and/or a supplemental form of light (such as a CFL or T5 light) is essential for aiding the cloning process.

    Once the clones are in place, the waiting game begins. Ideal growth should begin in about a week, but for best results wait at least two weeks. Once the clones have grown strong roots, it’s time to start the veg cycle. Be sure to provide your clones with ample light and nutrients, and then they should be ready to flower and produce buds within 10-12 weeks.

    Cloning cannabis is a great way to preserve and share your favorite genetics as well as get consistent yields and harvest times. As long as you provide your clones with the right environment, nutrients and care, they should grow up to be healthy specimens. With a bit of patience and diligence, you can easily get your cloning routine up and running in no time!

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