One answer “How to clone weed?

  1. When it comes to cloning weed, there’s no magical formula or tried-and-true technique. While there may be different ways in which people can clone their favorite strain, there are a few key pieces of equipment needed to ensure success. Whether you’re a first-time cloner or a veteran grower, the tools and supplies listed below are essential for cloning marijuana plants.

    First and foremost, you will need to have access to a cloning machine or grow tent. A cloning machine is a proving-ground for seeds, starts, cuttings or any other type of plant material — it is where you will prepare cuttings for rooting and growing. Cloning machines are either built-in or hang-on, depending on the model and brand you can purchase. Grow tents are also used to provide a controlled environment for clones, and they come with ventilation, lighting, and an exhaust system.

    Next, you will need to gather the different propagating materials you will need. This includes cloning gel or powder, cloning solution, rooting media, thermometers, timers and misters. Cloning gel or powder, which is basically agarose, is used to stimulate root growth in cuttings and help prevent fungus or bacteria infections. Rooting media is any kind of medium that can be used to provide a hospitable environment for the cutting. This could be rockwool, perlite, vermiculite or soil-less mix.

    Cutting tools are also a must. These include a knife or pair of scissors, pruning shears, and tweezers. The knife or scissors should be sharp and sterilized in alcohol prior to each use. Pruning shears are used for larger cuts, while tweezers are used for more precise handling of delicate parts.

    Finally, you will need to provide lighting and nutrition to your clones. A combination of fluorescent and LED lighting is ideal and should be used to provide a full spectrum of light. Nutrients should be sourced from organic and natural sources, such as bat guano, fish emulsion, or seaweed extract.

    Remember, patience is key. Take your time when cutting and preparing clones, and allow a week or more for the clones to root in their medium. Once the new clones have become established, it’s time to transplant them into their final pot size. With these tips and supplies, you’ll be well on your way to cloning weed and enjoying your own home-grown crop in no time.

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