How to deal with pest infestations in cannabis grow?

I’ve recently discovered that my cannabis plants have been infested with pests, what are some effective ways to deal with this problem? Are there any natural solutions that are safe for the plants and the environment?

One answer “How to deal with pest infestations in cannabis grow?

  1. The sight of pests on your cannabis plant can be a nightmare! From mites and thrips to aphids, it seems like every grower has experienced an infestation of some sort at one time or another. It can be an excruciating battle for your plants, and the solution might not be as simple as what one might hope.

    Fortunately, there are natural solutions to pest management that are both safe for your plants and the environment. Before considering an artificial option, please familiarize yourself with these natural solutions to avoid harm to your beloved cannabis plants.

    First and foremost, prevention is the best solution. As soon as you notice a pest-related problem, you should isolate the affected plant and make sure to keep your grow facility as clean as possible. This means removing any fallen leaves or old fruits, as these will attract pests like flies and mites. If you have nearby vegetation, try to keep it pruned and tidy as well.

    Angels Breath is an insecticide made from natural ingredients that is safe for cannabis plants. This formula effectively gets rid of most pests, including mites, thrips, and aphids, while also providing your plants with a protective coating that blocks pests from reentering.

    Neem oil is also an effective approach to pest management. It’s made from the seeds of the neem tree and has an acidic smell that irritates most pests. When applied to the leaves of the plant and around the soil, it will create a barrier and drive the pests away from your plant. As an added bonus, it also acts as a systemic pesticide and won’t leave any harmful residues.

    You can also introduce beneficial bugs that prey on pests. These bugs generally include ladybugs and lacewings, who naturally feed on destructive species like aphids and mites. When deployed correctly, these bugs can help bring balance to your soil environment and naturally rid your plants of pests.

    Additionally, companion planting is an effective means of keeping pests away from your cannabis plants by introducing other plants such as marigolds and borage. Many pests will avoid plants that carry strong scents, and these flowering plants will distract pests and stop them from feeding on your cannabis, while at the same time providing the plant with additional nutrients.

    Ultimately, the goal should be to discourage pests without harming your plants. Natural solutions are beneficial in that they not only protect your plants but also the environment. Before jumping into any artificial solutions, consider the above natural options that can address and prevent pest infestations in a much safer way.

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