How to harvest weed step by step?

What is the best time of day to harvest weed, and what steps should I take for a successful harvest?

One answer “How to harvest weed step by step?

  1. The best time of day to harvest your favorite strain of weed is up to you, but there is a general time frame that many growers adhere to. Depending on the size of the plants and how mature the buds are, different strains may vary slightly between harvest times, but in general, most cannabis plants are ready for harvest 8 – 10 weeks after the flowering stage has started. It’s also important to understand that the ripeness of your weed will depend on the maturity of the trichomes, which can take anywhere from 3 – 4 weeks after the flowering stage has started.

    Before you harvest your buds, it’s important to ensure they are mature and ready before taking any action. Plants that have been harvested too early may have immature buds and a lower potency, while plants that have been harvested too late may have buds that are harsh and have a lesser quality. To determine the right time to harvest, look out for the following symptoms:

    • The pistils, or hairs on the buds, will stop changing color and turn shades of red, brown, or amber
    • The Calyxes, or little sacs that hold the seeds, will become swollen and firm
    • The trichomes will change from clear to white/yellowish in appearance
    • The leaves of the buds will start curling up, and will begin to lose their bright green hue

    Once you’ve determined that your buds are ready for harvesting, there are a few key steps to take for a successful harvest. The first step is to cut off the top portion of the main stalk, and then the branches should be carefully trimmed of the buds. If the plants are still quite wet, it’s best to let them dry off for a few hours before trimming and handling. Next, the buds should be cured in a controlled environment, either in a humidity-controlled curing jar with some other aromatics, or in a mesh bag and hung in a cool, dark area. This process will ensure that the flavors are developed and the aroma is maintained.

    Another important step to take during the harvest is to ensure the humidity levels are at the optimal range. A humidity level of between 48% – 55% is usually best, and you can use a hygrometer to check these levels. Perfectly cured buds should have an aroma and a taste that is unique to the strain. If you’re not satisfied with the aroma and taste, you can allow the buds to dry for a few more days, as this will help to develop more flavors and aroma.

    By following these steps, you can be sure that your harvest will be successful and you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet nectar of your hard work and dedication. With the right care, cannabis can be incredibly rewarding and will bring you joy for years to come.

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