How to make a homemade bong?

I want to try smoking cannabis from a bong, but I don’t want to buy one. Are there any ways to make a homemade bong using household items? Will it work as well as a store-bought bong?

One answer “How to make a homemade bong?

  1. If you’re looking for an easy and accessible way to smoke cannabis, but don’t want to purchase a bong, there is actually a quick and simple way to make one at home. It’s a great way to save some money and get creative with your smoking experience. DIY bongs may not provide the same quality as a store-bought bong, but they can still offer a sufficient and enjoyable smoke.

    Perhaps the most classic DIY bong is the gravity bong. It’s named for the gravity which forces the smoke into the pipe to create a powerful hit. All that’s needed to create your own gravity bong is a two-liter bottle, a bowl piece (or a socket wrench, aluminum foil, or pen), and an empty bucket that has a higher water level than the bottle. Drill a hole either in the bottle cap or the side of the bottle and insert the bowl to make the chamber. Once you’ve got that set up, fill up the bucket with water and place the bottle inside– with the mouthpiece pointing up. Put your cannabis inside the bowl and light it. As the bottle begins filling up with smoke, pull it out of the water, creating a vacuum effect that pushes the smoke into the chamber. Put your lips to the mouthpiece and inhale to enjoy your gravity bong hit.

    Water bottles are also great to use craft DIY bongs. This type of homemade bong stands on its own and requires a bowl, a bottle and a downstem. Downstems are usually made out of glass and can often be bought separately. Otherwise, you can also make one easily with a pen tube or aluminum foil. Drill a hole into the cap of the bottle and insert the downstem into it. Place your cannabis into the bowl, put your lips to the mouthpiece, and take your hit.

    You can even make gravity bongs out of a plastic bottle using the same steps described for the two-liter bottle. However, due to the thinner plastic, it’s tougher to make a reliable seal between the bottle and the water. It’s also advised to use a larger plastic bottle since there is less chance for it to deform and leak, which could cause burning plastic fumes.

    PVC pipes, fruit, and even a Pringles can can also be used to make a bong. For a PVC pipe, you’ll need an elbow joint, some primer or sealer, a bowl, and a downstem. If you’re crafty and have a jigsaw, you can cut a hole in the side of the tube to place the joint and create your chamber. If you don’t have access to a jigsaw, putting your cannabis directly into the pipe and lighting it works as well. To make a fruit bong, hollow out any type of fruit and peel off the rind to expose the flesh. Cut a hole in the side of the fruit and insert a flexible tube as the mouthpiece, then attach a bowl piece. Finally, fire it up and enjoy your hit as the fruit absorbs some of the flavors and scents from the smoke. For the Pringles can bong, you’ll need scissors and a bowl from a store-bought bong or a homemade one (made from aluminum foil or pen tube). Punch two holes on the side of the can and insert the bowl, carefully sealing up the edges with foil. Fill the can with water and you’re ready to take your hit.

    Even if DIY bongs don’t offer the same quality as a store-bought bong, they’re still a great way to replicate the smoking experience without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time. Creating your own homemade bong can be a fun way to get creative and explore different smoke techniques, flavors, and aromas.

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