How to make cannabis tinctures with glycerin?

What is the process for making cannabis tinctures using vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol? How does this method affect the final product?

One answer “How to make cannabis tinctures with glycerin?

  1. Using vegetable glycerin to make cannabis tinctures is a great alternative to using alcohol as a solvent. Cannabis tinctures are concentrated extracts of THC and other cannabinoids, which can be used as a substitute for smoking or vaping cannabis. This method has more health benefits due to the lack of any burning or inhaling of smoke, providing users with an alternative method to consume cannabis while avoiding many of the negative side effects associated with smoking.

    Vegetable glycerin-based cannabis tinctures achieved via infusion can be made in two different ways: cold press or hot press. Cold pressed tinctures use plant matter held at a colder temperature, while heat presses can extract higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids and are typically used for a more potent potency.

    To make a cannabis tincture with vegetable glycerin, start by gathering your supplies. You will need a cooking pot, vegetable glycerin, cannabis material, lid, stirring spoon and a clean vessel for storage.

    The first step is to decarboxylate your cannabis. Decarboxylation is the process of activating the cannabinoids in the cannabis material by heating it, usually at a moderate temperature. This will make the cannabis material more potent and help it dissolve in the vegetable glycerin. Once the cannabis is decarboxylated, break it up into small chunks and add it to a pot.

    Next, add the vegetable glycerin to the pot. It’s important that you use vegetable glycerin rather than propylene glycol, as propylene glycol can damage the cannabis. You can add up to a quarter cup of vegetable glycerin for every ounce of cannabis material. Make sure that the vegetable glycerin covers all the cannabis material, but be careful not to add too much.

    Put the lid on the pot, and slowly heat the cannabis material and vegetable glycerin on a low to moderate flame for about 1-2 hours. Make sure not to inhale the fumes and keep stirring every 10-15 minutes, as temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels.

    Once heated, strain the mixture using a cheesecloth to separate the liquid and cannabis material. This will take some time but is necessary to ensure a clean tincture. Once strained, the tincture is ready to use. Store it in a sealed container, preferably in the refrigerator and in a cool, dark place.

    Vegetable glycerin-based cannabis tinctures provide a milder, less pungent tasting experience that some people find more enjoyable than cannabis tinctures made with alcohol or other solvents. The glycerin also preserves the subtle terpenes, allowing users to experience many of the flavors and aromas of the original cannabis material.

    Additionally, vegetable glycerin-based cannabis tinctures provide an increased safety profile compared to other solvents. It’s a naturally occurring compound that is used in food and is not known to cause any adverse reactions, which makes it a safer option than alcohol and other solvents used to make cannabis tinctures.

    Overall, using vegetable glycerin to make cannabis tinctures is an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis. It adds complexity and flavor to the tincture, and provides a safe and more enjoyable experience.

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