How to smoke cannabis from a joint?

What is the proper way to smoke cannabis from a joint? Should I inhale the smoke directly into my lungs or should I hold it in my mouth first? Are there any tricks to rolling a good joint?

One answer “How to smoke cannabis from a joint?

  1. Rolling a good joint is a simple craft that starts with good cannabis, rolling papers, and the knowledge of what to do. Smoking from a joint is often preferred over other methods due to the fact that someone can get an even distribution of the psychoactive and medicinal compounds found in the cannabis while providing a smooth, mellow smoke that contains fewer toxins and carcinogens.

    To begin, make sure you have the right equipment:

    • High-quality, dry cannabis

    • Rolling papers or a pre-roll cone

    • A grinder (optional)

    • A pencil or pen

    • A crutch (optional)

    Once you have everything you need, you are ready to begin!

    Start by grinding your cannabis. A grinder or your hands works fine, but if you don’t have either, you can use a pair of scissors. Make sure to break the buds down into small pieces to ensure it will burn evenly.

    Next, take a rolling paper and put cannabis in the middle of the paper. Then, take the nearest handy cylindrical object (a pen or pencil will work) and gently place it in the center of the cannabis. Now start to roll the paper around the object like a tube. Gently remove the object as you roll and tuck the paper shut at the end. You’ll want to use your thumbs or forefingers to roll and press firmly but not too hard to avoid ripping the paper. Once you’re done, use the extra paper to seal the ends.

    At this point, you’re almost ready to smoke. The last step is to light the joint. To do this, cup your hands around it and strike a lighter about an inch away from the joint and slowly rotate it until the cannabis ignites, then take a draw and let the smoke settle in your lungs.

    That’s pretty much it! You can now enjoy your joint. Just keep in mind that if you hold onto it too long it will start to burn your lips and fingers. Most smokers recommend taking brisk drags from the joint and then passing it quickly.

    And if you’re having trouble keeping your joint burning evenly, you may want to use a crutch. This is a small piece of paper or cardstock cut into a long narrow tube that can be placed at the end of the joint to help keep it burning evenly and keep it from clogging.

    Now that you know how to roll a joint, make sure to stay safe while smoking. Be mindful of your environment and the individuals around you, and always respect local laws regarding cannabis use. Happy smoking!

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