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  1. Before we get into the specifics of what kind of light cannabis seeds need during the germination process, it’s important to understand why light is important at all during this initial stage of growth.

    The germination process of cannabis seeds is key in determining the success of your plant’s growth and harvest. During this stage, the seed requires warmth, moisture and oxygen to start the process of breaking open, otherwise known as germination. During this process, light is particularly important since it helps kickstart the photosynthesis process and activates the seed embryo. Without light, the seed embryo won’t be able to transition into a seedling and will not be capable of growing into a fully mature cannabis plant.

    When it comes to choosing the right kind of light for the germination process, it’s important to note that cannabis seeds benefit most from indirect lighting or LED/CFL growing light. Direct sunlight is especially damaging to the delicate seedling, as too much light can dry it out quickly and stunt its growth.

    The light should also be set to a specific wavelength, which should always be blue. Choosing full-spectrum bulbs like LED’s or CFL’s for the blue light wave is the best option for cannabis seeds and seedlings. Throughout the 18–24 hour light schedule, it’s important to make sure the light is diffused to avoid any scaring or burning of the fragile seedling and to ensure uniform lighting.

    Cannabis seeds also benefit greatly from LED grow lights, since they feature a higher level of light penetration and can be kept on for long periods of time without generating excessive heat or damaging the delicate seedling. Simply put, LED’s are easy to use and provide uniform, efficient, and energy-saving light for germinating cannabis crops, ultimately resulting in higher yields and healthier plants.

    In addition to blue light spectrum, cannabis seeds also require lower temperatures during their germination phase, which should be kept between 68–77 degrees Fahrenheit (20–25 degrees Celsius). This optimal temperature range should help to speed up and maximize the germination process.

    Cannabis seeds need light during the germination phase in order to successfully grow and develop into a fully functional and mature cannabis plant. The type of light used should be an indirect light or LED/CFL grow light set to a specific blue light wavelength, to ensure uniform lighting and diffusion of light to avoid scaring, burning, or damage to the seedling. Ultimately, the right type and level of light is key to maximizing the germination process and achieving a fruitful cannabis harvest.

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