One answer “Lollipopping for Cannabis Plants

  1. Lollipopping is a popular yet often controversial method of pruning cannabis plants while they are still growing to optimize the size and shape of your plants. By selectively removing lower branches and nodes, growers can eliminate the need to wait until harvest and drastically reduce the amount of time required to produce a quality product.

    So what is Lollipopping, and how does it impact cannabis grows? At its most basic, lollipopping is the act of removing excess lower growth on your cannabis plants. It’s a pruning technique that involves snipping away leaves and branches near the bottom half of your plants, leaving the top half in its natural state. While snipping away at the foliage reduces the size of your total canopy, it drastically increases the size of the colas (or main flower clusters) which can produce larger yields.

    But it’s not just about yield size. By removing lower foliage, you can also increase airflow and improve lighting penetration to the main flower clusters. This means better quality bouquets, higher cannabinoid levels, and the potential for higher profits!

    It’s important to note, however, that lollipopping is not a one-size-fits-all technique. In fact, there are several different approaches to lollipopping and the best one for your grow will depend on the strain, your goals, grow environment, and other factors.

    The most common lollipopping technique is known as “SOG” or “Sea of Green”. This approach involves pruning the base of each plant at the 4th or 5th node, leaving only 4-5 main colas that are more uniform in size. Not only does this SOG approach allow for bigger and more uniform colas, but it also reduces the total amount of nodes on the plant so it can focus its energy into a smaller area.

    The “LST” or “Low-Stress Training” approach is best for larger grows as it involves manipulating the plant’s shape even more. For example, you can tie down the new growth tip to the side or even below the original stem. This technique can be very beneficial when used to fully expose the new nodes towards your lighting source. Additionally, it can help to prevent stretching too much which can lead to less desirable growth patterns.

    Lastly, it’s important to understand how lollipopping may impact your harvest. Since branches that have been pruned away will not produce any further flower, yields may be slightly lower than expected. However, this is counteracted by the fact that the bigger, higher quality colas will produce larger and more potent flowers with higher CBD and THC levels than expected.

    So, in conclusion, lollipopping can be a great way to optimize your cannabis grow both in terms of yield size and quality. As long as you choose the appropriate technique for your particular grow, lollipopping can lead to bigger and higher quality flowers with higher cannabinoid levels which can lead to more profits.

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