One answer “Screen of Green for Cannabis Plants

  1. Screen Of Green or ScrOG (pronounced like “Scrooged”) is a popular technique used by cannabis cultivators and gardeners alike. This method is implemented as a way of significantly improving the yield of a cannabis plant, as it essentially helps to maximize the area of a plants canopy where Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights can shine on.

    ScrOG is essentially a trellis that is positioned above the top of the cannabis plants and runs horizontally above them. Twine or strings are used to tie the top of the plants down to this trellis, essentially training the plants in a specific direction and allowing greater exposure across the surface of the canopy. The main idea is to even out the landscape and use the entire space beneath the trellis.

    There are several key benefits that come with implementing the scrog or screen of green technique.

    The first, and perhaps most important benefit, is that it significantly increases the yield of the plant. Due to the canopy of the cannabis plant being able to evenly spread out, the lights are able to penetrate at a greater depth, thus leading to a more productive harvest.

    The second benefit of this method is that it creates a much larger number of potential flowering sites. A ScrOG will allow more direct light to hit the individual buds of the cannabis which entails much larger buds as well as an increased THC density (including a higher potency).

    Moreover, scroging the plants also reduces the amount of time it takes to harvest since the plants are established earlier on in the process due to the even distribution of light. This will make your gardener’s job easier and the harvest much more efficient.

    Furthermore, ScrOG also allows for healthy air circulation which is extremely important for any cannabis plant. Air-circulation promotes healthy growth and also prevents various diseases and/or pests from getting to the flowers.

    Finally, this technique also helps to reduce the amount of energy required to power the grow lights as the light emitted from the lamps is efficiently used up. This is also beneficial as it reduces the overall cost of the electric bill.

    Overall, implementing the Screen of Green or ScrOG technique will undoubtedly provide many benefits to a cannabis gardener or cultivator. This method would undoubtedly help to increase the yield and potency of the plant as well as reduce the amount of energy necessary to sustain the grow. An experienced cultivator can easily incorporate this technique into their grow system and reap the benefits that it provides.

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