SCROG and yields

Can anyone speak to the impact the SCROG method has on yields? I’ve read that it can increase yields, but I’d like to hear from someone with experience.

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  1. When growing cannabis indoors, it’s important to maximize yield in a constrained space. One popular method to do this is ‘Screen of Green’, or SCROG. This technique can drastically increase yields, while also making it easier to manage and maintain plants.

    Simply put, SCROG is a way to train cannabis plants by guiding their growth according to a chosen shape or design. This is done using a mesh screen, typically made of nylon, which is tied or staked to a frame and then arranged above the plants. A ‘screen’ is then placed over the top of the frame, and the branches of the plants are then allowed to grow up and through the screen.

    By doing this, SCROG forces your plants to stay in a low, bushy form that fills the limited space in growroom more efficiently. The whole setup also helps to redirect light and air to the desired parts of the plant as well.

    When used correctly, SCROG can have a powerful effect on yields. Not only does it increase the amount of usable space for each plant, but it also increases harvest size since all the energy and resources are being used efficiently. With the right setup, growers can easily see yields increase by up to 30%, depending on the variety and the technique used.

    Another benefit to SCROG is that it’s easier to control the growth of each plant, as they all grow at generally the same rate. This can help to avoid problems such as bud rot or uneven flowering, which can increase the risk of a poor harvest.

    The main drawback to SCROG is that it takes time and effort to set up and properly maintain, but it typically pays off in the long run. Manually pruning each plant can also be a tedious process, and some like to leave it up to their preferred topping techniques.

    Overall, the SCROG method can be a great way to increase yields and improve the stability of each plant when growing indoors. It’s not for everyone, but if done correctly, it can be a great way to get a high-yielding harvest in a smaller space. With that being said, there are a variety of other strategies and products out there that can help improve yields in limited spaces, so it’s up to individual growers to decide which method works best for their situation.

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