One answer “Supercropping for Cannabis Plants

  1. Supercropping is a high-impact and low-stress training technique used to train cannabis plants to grow in a certain way. By strategically bending and pinching at select areas on the stems and branches of the plant, growers can cause damage to the plant, leading to a thickening of the walls of the stems which will in turn help support heavier branches and nodes. Supercropping can also help provide more control over the shape of the plant and promote more bushy growth and can be used to increase the surface area of the plant that can be exposed to light.

    The process of supercropping cannabis plants can help to reduce the overall height of the plant, enabling more light to be evenly spread throughout the canopy. This will make for a more even overall harvest as it encourages the growth of bigger buds and flowers. It can also help maximize the efficiency of a given space or allow growers to train plants in a certain way that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Additionally, it will create a higher yield if done correctly.

    The primary benefit of supercropping cannabis is that it simplifies the entire process of pruning and training cannabis plants. Heavy pruning can be a complex and time-consuming process that can cause stunted growth in some plants. However, supercropping provides a less stressful and more efficient way to shape cannabis plants and increase yields. Additionally, the process can help keep plants in better health as bending and pinching can encourage more branching and increased side bud growth.

    One of the best ways to go about supercropping is to bend and pinch the main stems. This causes some damage to the plant and causes the walls of the stems to thicken. This additional support allows for heavier growth, bigger buds, and an increased overall yield. It is important to not overdo the pinching process though, since too much damage could cause further stress and can lead to some of the branches breaking off. A good trick to use is to roll and twist the stems gently to create a ‘v’ shape when you’re done.

    When it comes to supercropping, timing is everything. It is best to perform this task during the vegetative growth period of the plants when they are still young and pliable. Be wary of performing supercropping during flowering stages, as it can slow down growth and reduce the overall yield.

    In conclusion, supercropping can be a great way to increase the overall yield of cannabis plants and simplify the entire pruning and training process. Not only will it help create more bushy and even growth, it can also help maximize the efficiency of a given space and keep plants healthy, dense, and full of heavy buds.

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