One answer “Using bat guano as fertilizer?

  1. Yes, bat guano (bat excrement) can be a great natural fertilizer for your cannabis plants. Bat guano is an excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other essential nutrients, making it a perfect fertilizer to help promote plant growth, flowering, and fruiting. Because of its high nutrient content, bat guano can be used as both a base and a supplemental fertilizer for cannabis plants.

    When applying bat guano as a base fertilizer to your cannabis plants, you want to ensure the soil is well watered for the nutrients to be easily absorbed by the plants. To apply, simply sprinkle the guano (which is incredibly easy to break down for easy applications) around the base of the plants and either mix it into the soil or lightly rake it onto the soil surface. You can also mix some of the guano into a liquid solution and use it as a foliar spray to supplement the nutrient needs of cannabis plants.

    Using guano as a base fertilizer can be beneficial in many ways. It can provide nutrients aside from those commonly supplied by synthetic fertilizers, like the aforementioned nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It can also add some beneficial microbes to the soil to help make the nutrients more available to plants. As a supplemental fertilizer, bat guano can make up for any nutrient deficiencies in the soil or provide additional nutrients duringthe plants’ flowering period to help increase yields.

    Aside from its nutrient benefits, bat guano also contains a large number of microbial functions that are important for plant health and growth. These microbial functions include enzyme and free amino acid production, as well as nitrogen immobilization and carbon mineralization. These functions can help ensure the plants continually receive the nutrients needed for excellent health and vigorous growth.

    Bat guano is also incredibly easy to use. Because it is naturally broken down, it is extremely easy to apply as a fertilizer. You can simply sprinkle it around the base of the plants and mix it into the soil or rake it onto the soil surface. To ensure that all of the nutrients are properly absorbed and used by the plants, be sure to water the soil well afterwards.

    In conclusion, bat guano can be an excellent fertilizer for your cannabis plants. It provides essential nutrients, beneficial microbes, and numerous microbial functions to help ensure your plants have everything they need to stay healthy and flourish. As a base fertilizer, bat guano can supply your plants all the nutrients needed, while as a supplemental fertilizer, it can make up for any deficiencies or provide additional nutrients during the flowering period to increase yields. For all of these benefits, bat guano is an excellent fertilizer to add to your cannabis growing regimen.

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