One answer “What are autoflowering seeds?

  1. Autoflowering cannabis seeds (also known as autoflower) are seeds that contain genetic traits that evolve into a flowering cycle without relying on a specific light cycle or duration. This means that the plant goes into a natural flowering state without the help of external light manipulation. It is the newest form of cannabis cultivation and has quickly become a popular choice for weed growers, both professional and recreational, due to its quick flowering time, shorter vegetative growth cycle, smaller size and potential for higher yields.

    These seeds are distinct from regular cannabis seeds in that they are not photoperiod dependent (like regular strains) and possess more of an “auto” getting into flower as soon as a specific amount of time has passed (as opposed to relying on a light cycle to trigger the flowering). Cannabis genetics like White Widow, AK-47 and Northern Lights are available in autoflower form. Autoflower strains are the result of the interbreeding or genetic manipulation of cannabis species. Many of the current stable autoflower strains have been bred from Ruderalis, a low-THC cannabis species native to Russian regions like Siberia.

    The advantages of using autoflowering cannabis seeds are numerous. For one, they are much easier to grow than regular photoperiod cannabis plant varieties since there’s less need for light manipulation. Autoflowers also have a shorter total growth time, as they tend to flower under 20-30 days, as opposed to regular strains that require a minimum of five weeks from germination to harvest. Autoflowers also tend to be smaller than regular cannabis plants and can be planted closer together, allowing for more plants per square meter and potentially larger yields. Finally, the genetics used for autoflowering marijuana strains have higher levels of immunity to pests, mold and mildew, and are generally hardier, making for easier cultivation.

    The potential drawbacks to using autoflowering cannabis seeds are relatively minor. In general, autoflower plants tend to be more sensitive to temperature extremes, drought and humidity, so they need to be monitored more closely than regular cannabis plants. Additionally, due to their small size and shorter overall growth cycle, autoflowers are likely to produce lower yields, at least in comparison to traditional cannabis strains grown with expert care. Finally, due to the nature of autoflower genetics, some specific traits will be compromised or gone altogether. For instance, autoflowers typically have lower levels of THC and CBD, as well as lower terpene content and flavor quality.

    Overall, autoflowering cannabis seeds have revolutionized the way marijuana is cultivated. They’re easier to grow than regular cannabis plants and require less time, resources and expertise to get them to harvest. While they definitely offer some advantages, they also come with a few drawbacks. Ultimately, whether or not autoflowers are worth using in cannabis cultivation comes down to personal preference, cultivation skill level and expectations.

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