What are the benefits of dried buds compared to fresh ones?

I’ve heard that dried buds have different effects compared to fresh ones. What exactly are the benefits of dried buds?

One answer “What are the benefits of dried buds compared to fresh ones?

  1. When it comes to buds, fresh is generally seen as the superior route to go. Live buds, freshly picked, are just like any other food – they taste the best when they’re as fresh as possible.

    But when it comes to cannabis, dried buds aren’t necessarily worse. In fact, they can offer a quite different, yet potent experience. Here’s a look at the benefits of dried buds and why they’re worth exploring.

    First off, dried buds are much more convenient and safe to store. Live buds can easily succumb to the elements, such as humidity and light, causing them to degrade in flavor and potency. Dried buds, however, maintain their potency and flavor much longer, and are therefore much easier to store and maintain for a long period of time.

    One of the biggest benefits of dried buds is their portability. Live buds are large, bulky and heavy, making it hard to transport them with ease. Dried buds, on the other hand, are much more lightweight, and thus much easier to transport and store in your pocket, or car.

    If you’re consuming cannabis medicinally, dried buds can be a great way to ensure that you’re getting a consistent dose of cannabinoids. Whereas fresh buds are constantly changing, dried buds will contain a much more consistent amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, making it easier to medicinally consume a specific dosage.

    Dried buds are also much more efficient to burn. Live buds, being so fresh, often require a double-bake approach, in order to ensure they’ve been properly dried out. With dried buds, however, you can more efficiently burn down cannabis, as they’re dry, and processed, and can be lit with much more ease.

    The taste of dried buds is another benefit. Live buds have a unique taste that is unlike any other kind of cannabis out there. Dried buds, however, offer a richer, earthier flavor profile. Through the drying process, certain terpenes become more concentrated, which can greatly enhance the flavor profile of cannabis.

    And lastly, dried buds are incredibly effective for making edibles. Live buds are often too moist to cook with, but dried buds provide the perfect balance of wet and dry, making them perfect for baking into brownies, cookies, and more.

    So while fresh buds will always have their place in the world of cannabis, dried buds offer a unique set of benefits that are definitely worth exploring. From their portability and storage benefits, to the more consistent dose and enhanced flavor that come along with the drying process.

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