What are the benefits of growing a regular strain like Bubblegum?

I’m considering growing a regular strain like Bubblegum and I’m wondering what the benefits are of choosing this type of strain. What are the advantages of growing a regular strain, and what are some common issues that growers face when using this strain?

One answer “What are the benefits of growing a regular strain like Bubblegum?

  1. When you grow a regular strain like Bubblegum, you’re making an investment in a classic crop that’s been cultivated for decades. Bubblegum is a classic strain – it’s sweet and fruity, with a gentle energy, and features a high THC content. That makes it popular for medical and recreational purposes alike, and is probably part of why it’s been the subject of so many successful-looking grows over the years.

    The benefits of growing a regular strain like Bubblegum are clear. For one, it’s been around a while, so growers can count on reliable genetics that they know to produce good, strong flower with high potency. Plus, many regular strains like this can be propagated indefinitely, with growers transferring rooted cuttings to new flowering cycles and never having to worry about harvesting or losing their crop.

    In addition to its reliability and longevity, Bubblegum offers incredible bag appeal. With its appealing scent and deep purple with bright green and orange hair colors, this strain is sure to appeal to any connoisseurs.

    But of course, no strain is perfect. Some of the issues that growers might face with Bubbblegum include lower yields, as it’s a regular strain and not a hybrid, and some difficulty if you’re growing in a warmer climate, as the plant tends to have a longer flowering period, putting it at a higher risk for mold growth.

    In addition to these factors, Bubblegum can be a bit more difficult to trim than some other strains, like Sativa varieties, and if you’re not careful, you may end up with too much fan leaves. If the strain isn’t properly tended to, growers may find that the growth rate and yield suffer.

    Finally, growers should be aware that regular strains like Bubblegum tend to have a shorter flowering period, on average, compared to Sativa or hybrid varieties, allowing growers to harvest their crop relatively quickly. However, they should keep in mind that the plant requires a few weeks of vegetative growth before it begins to flower, lengthening its total growing cycle.

    Overall, regular strains like Bubblegum offer a classic and reliable choice for growers – with its sweet taste, huge bag appeal, and high THC content, it’s a popular strain. However, growers should be aware of the potential issues they may face when growing the strain, including lower yields, longer flowering periods, and a more difficult trim process.

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