One answer “What are the best practices for maintenance in a SCROG setup?

  1. Today, SCROG (Screen of Green) growing setup is very popular among commercial and backyard cannabis growers because of its purported capability to deliver high yields with excellent quality compared to traditional marijuana growing setups. If done right, a properly-measured and well-executed SCROG setup can help cannabis growers make the most out of their grow rooms and deliver optimal yields with superior bud quality. To ensure healthy and productive growth, proper setup as well as maintenance of this techy cannabis growing method must be done.

    To begin, building the SCROG framework properly can guarantee success in your endeavours. Start by choosing the right screen size for the particular grow space. You should make sure the screen is about 2-4 inches higher than the canopy of your cannabis plants. The framework of SCROG should be low enough to ensure maximum light reflection and penetration to the lower growth points of the plant to help it grow uniformly. If the structure is too high, it will be blocking too much light and the plants may not get evenly distributed light distribution. When creating the supporting armature for the screen framework, you should use strong materials that are capable of bearing the heavy weight of the canopies of the cannabis plants as well as any additional weight from the vegetative growth.

    The next step is to select strains that have the vigour and growth pattern needed for successful yield with a SCROG setup. Sativa-dominant strains tend to work best for SCROG due to their tall and vertical growth habits paired with their heavy cola production for optimal yield. After selecting the strain, choose seedlings that are of the same age, size and strength. This is important as any variation in size can become very evident when they reach their flowering stage. Plant the seedlings at equal distances on top of the rooting medium so they can grow uniformly, evenly distributing light and air around the canopy.

    Once the SCROG framework is setup and the cannabis seedlings are planted, it is important to maintain optimum conditions in the grow room to ensure healthy and productive growth. Some of the elements to be mindful of are air exchange and humidity. To maintain ideal air exchange in the grow room, use a proper ventilation system with good circulation and cooler temperature to ensure that the room stays at a consistent temperature and humidity level. Also, make sure the environment is kept free of pollutants as much as possible.

    When it comes to feeding the plants, you should use fertilizers and nutrients carefully, as too much can be detrimental to your plants. Its best to follow the directions on the fertilizer/nutrient packaging to ensure that you are providing adequate nutrient amounts for your cannabis plants, but not too much.

    After a few weeks in the vegetative stage, it is time to start pruning and training the plants. This is an important step in achieving the desired growth pattern for successful SCROG setup that can produce optimal yields. Pruning and training the plants allows for even and uniform growth throughout the canopy by redirecting the branches towards the light, giving the lower parts better light penetration. This process focuses the plant’s energy on the desirable parts such as the bud sites while avoiding any unnecessary growth.

    Finally, consider using special light accessories such as reflectors and diffusers to help keep light and air more evenly dispersed. This can help the plants stay on track and reduce the amount of LST (Low Stress Training). This can benefit the growth process over time, resulting in fuller and healthier buds with a higher yield.

    In conclusion, following the steps outlined above can ensure healthy and productive growth when it comes to a SCROG setup. All of the steps involved in significant for the success of your cannabis grow and must be researched thoroughly for better results.

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