What are the best techniques for pruning Blue Dream?

I’m growing Blue Dream and I’m wondering what the best techniques are for pruning this strain. When should I prune, and how much should I remove? Also, what are some common mistakes that growers make when pruning Blue Dream?

One answer “What are the best techniques for pruning Blue Dream?

  1. When it comes to pruning Blue Dream, timing and technique are key to achieving the best results. Pruning the right way can help to increase the plant’s yields, reduce the amount of time it takes to harvest your crop, and even improve the taste and aroma of your buds.

    The first step is to decide when to prune. Generally, pruning Blue Dream can be done anytime until the plant has begun to flower, as long as it has at least six growth nodes. Pruning too late can reduce yields as the plant directs its energy towards flowering instead of vegetative growth.

    When you’re ready to start pruning, you can choose to use the topping method, which involves cutting off the topmost growth node at the main stem. This should be done when the growth nodes at the bottom of the main stem have grown to at least the height of the middle of the stem. Topping encourages the plant to grow wider instead of reaching higher.

    Alternatively, you can use the FIM (“Fuck I Missed”) technique, which involves cutting off the four growth nodes that emerge at the same point of the stem. This will encourage two new stems to grow in their place.

    When it comes to how much to prune, the best approach is to prune off two-thirds of the height and width of the new stems while leaving the larger, older stems untouched. This will help to encourage bushier growth and healthier plants.

    In terms of mistakes to avoid, it’s important to resist the temptation to prune off too much, as this can slow down the growth of the plant and reduce yields. Remember that pruning each new stem should never outweigh the growth of the older, more established branches.

    Another mistake to avoid is pruning too often. Pruning should only be done every 5-7 days at the most, as pruning it too frequently can weaken the plant by depleting its energy. Lastly, be sure to use clean, sharp tools when pruning Blue Dream and always perform a light dusting of the cuts with cinnamon or neem oil to avoid any infections or diseases.

    In summary, pruning Blue Dream can help growers to unlock greater yields, faster growth and better tasting buds. When it comes to the best techniques for pruning Blue Dream, the topping (Cutting off the topmost growth node at the main stem) and FIM (“Fuck I Missed”) methods are recommended, with no more than two-thirds of the height/width of new stems being pruned at any one time. Common mistakes to avoid include pruning off too much, pruning too often and using unclean cutting tools. If done properly, pruning can help growers to take their Blue Dream crop to the next level.

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