What are the best techniques for training Sour Tangie?

I’m growing Sour Tangie and I’m wondering what the best techniques are for training this strain. Should I top or FIM my plants, and how often should I train them? Also, what are some common mistakes that growers make when training Sour Tangie?

One answer “What are the best techniques for training Sour Tangie?

  1. Growing Sour Tangie can often be a tricky business, with its tall, stretched-out plants and buds that expand quite quickly. As such, some smart pruning and training techniques can go a long way in getting the most out of this unique strain.

    One of the most important things to do when training Sour Tangie is to “top” your plants. This technique involves snipping off the top portion of the plant’s main stem, typically one or two nodes down from the primary cola. Doing this will encourage the plant to grow multiple side branches which will be a lot shorter than the main stem, resulting in a bushier plant with better canopy formation and a heavier yield.

    Another popular training technique that is great for Sour Tangie is “FIM”ing. This involves snipping off up to ¾ of the shoot’s top at the new growth node. While this does require some patience as it can take a few weeks for the plant to recover, it will result in a bushier and shorter plant, which can make it a lot easier to manage.

    One thing to be aware of when training Sour Tangie is to not overdo it. Trying to train your plants too often or aggressively can actually be damaging and negatively affect your yields. It is important to leave some time between your training sessions so that plants can heal and recover fully in between.

    Another common mistake when growing Sour Tangie is not pruning the lower branches of your plants. As it is a tall, stretchy strain, it is best to focus on the top of the plants and prune away lower branches that are not receiving enough light. This will ensure that only the top of the plants are receiving the optimal amount of light, which will lead to bigger, better yields.

    When it comes to training Sour Tangie, it is best to start lightly with occasional topping and FIMing. Once you are familiar with the process, you can begin training your plants more frequently. It is also important to prune the lower branches to ensure that the top of the plants are getting optimal light for better yields. Lastly, the most important thing to remember with any plant training is to not overdo it, as this can lead to damaging or stressing the plants, resulting in a much lower yield.

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