One answer “What are the characteristics of Durban Poison?

  1. When it comes to the Durban Poison strain of cannabis, it’s hard to go wrong. This sativa-dominant strain can be found mainly in South African origin and is renowned for its energetic and uplifting effects.

    Durban Poison strain has a strong sweet and earthy aroma, while its flavor is a mix of anise and pepper. It has also been known to produce a lemony or licorice taste, as well as some toasty nuttiness. When smoking, the effects are usually felt right away and it offers an almost instant “high.”

    On the medicinal side, Durban Poison has been sought out for its mood-elevating and stress-reducing properties. It’s also been used to help ease the symptoms of depression, since it can uplift the spirits and enhance focus. Those looking for a ‘pick-me-up’, or to create an overall sense of well-being, may find Durban Poison to be a good choice.

    The effects from Durban Poison can also be useful for people with ADD/ADHD by helping them focus and concentrate better. Additionally, being a sativa, it has been used for treating chronic pain and inflammation, as well as migraines and headaches. Additionally, the strain is reportedly helpful in calming muscle spasms, reducing nausea, and stimulating appetite.

    Overall, Durban Poison is a great option for users who want an energetic and uplifting high. Its unique flavor and aroma profile make it an interesting choice for connoisseurs and newbies alike. The energetic and cheerful effects come with a variety of medicinal benefits as well, ranging from relief of depression and ADD/ADHD to fighting chronic pain and inflammation, making it an all-around powerhouse strain.

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