What are the different types of cannabis ingestion methods?

What are the various methods of ingesting cannabis, and how do they differ in terms of onset time, duration, and intensity of effects?

One answer “What are the different types of cannabis ingestion methods?

  1. Cannabis can be enjoyed in many different ways, depending on each individual’s needs, preferences and the desired effects. Different ingestion methods affect the onset time, duration and intensity of effects and knowing which one is best for you is important to get the desired result.

    The most traditional form of cannabis ingestion is smoking. This is done through pipes, bongs, or joints and pipes. When cannabis is smoked, the cannabinoids, terpenes and other molecules enter in a product known as smoke, which is then inhaled. The onset time when smoking is fast, taking just a few minutes, and the effects can last from one to three hours. The intensity of the effects depends on the strain, dose and individual sensitivity. The main downside of smoking is that users are exposed to harmful toxins which can be irritating to the lungs.

    Another very popular method of cannabis ingestion is vaping. Vaping makes use of vaporizers which heat cannabis or cannabis extract to a temperature that vaporizes active cannabinoids and terpenes. Vaping has a faster onset time than smoking, and the effects can last anywhere between one and five hours. Since there is no combustion and smokers aren’t exposed to the same amount of toxins and carcinogens that they encounter when smoking, it is regarded as a healthier alternative.

    Edibles are another popular method, especially with those who don’t want to smoke or vape their cannabis. Edibles are consumed through food and drinks which have been infused with cannabis concentrate. The onset time with edibles can take up to two hours before users can feel the effects and the duration and intensity depends on the dose. As edibles don’t require any additional smoking apparatus or inhalation, they are a much healthier option.

    Cannabis oils and tinctures are gaining popularity in recent years, due to the convenience and improved medical benefits for those seeking holistic health options. Cannabis oils are taken orally or through sublingual tinctures. Many users experience near-instant relief by bypassing the digestive system and letting the cannabinoids enter through their tissue membranes. The effects of cannabis oils and tinctures can last from three to four hours, though the intensity of the effects varies from person to person.

    Topicals are becoming increasingly popular among those interested in natural relief. Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms and salves which are rubbed directly on the skin, providing targeted relief to specific areas. Topicals are non-psychoactive and can be used throughout the day without any intoxicating effects. The effects of topicals depend on the amount used and can last up to several hours.

    Each cannabis ingestion method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider the goal of taking cannabis when choosing an ingestion method, as well as the onset time, duration, and intensity of effects that a user can expect to experience.

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