What are the ideal humidity levels for growing Jack Herer?

I’m growing Jack Herer and I’m wondering what the ideal humidity levels are for this strain? How can I maintain the proper humidity levels during different stages of growth? Also, what are some common issues that growers face when growing Jack Herer?

One answer “What are the ideal humidity levels for growing Jack Herer?

  1. The ideal humidity levels for Jack Herer will depend on the stage of growth you’re in. During the seedling and vegetative stages, the ideal range is 40%-80%, while during the flowering stage the ideal range is 40%-60%. This strain is a bit more finicky when it comes to humidity, so it’s important to keep an eye on levels at all times.

    For the seedling and vegetative stages, you can use a hygrometer to check and maintain your humidity levels. A good trick for keeping high humidity levels during this stage is to cover your plants with a clear plastic tent or provide a high humidity environment by spraying water onto the leaves. If your humidity is too high, gently fanning the plants and adding a dehumidifier can help reduce the humidity levels.

    During the flowering stage, a dehumidifier is your best friend. Keep your humidity levels between 40%-60% and run a dehumidifier to manage them. If your levels begin to rise above this, open the vents or use an air conditioner instead to help reduce the humidity. Monitoring humidity levels is still important during this stage and can be done by checking regularly with your hygrometer.

    Unfortunately, Jack Herer is prone to certain issues that growers should be aware of. Mold and bud rot are some of the common issues faced during the flowering stage due to humidity levels being too high. Proper ventilation and maintaining humidity levels below 60% can help to prevent any mold from forming. Another common condition is nutrient deficiencies, which can be prevented through proper fertilization, monitoring your pH levels, and giving your plants enough light and air circulation for optimal.

    Overall, Jack Herer is a beautiful and easy strain to grow, but it is important to be aware of the proper humidity levels and potential issues that you can face. Maintaining your humidity levels by using a dehumidifier during the flowering stage, and using a tent or spraying water during the seedling and vegetative stages, can help boost the growth of your Jack Herer plants and give you a successful crop.

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