What are the key factors to consider when using a SCROG setup for cannabis growing?

I’m thinking about using a SCROG setup for my next cannabis grow, what are some important factors I should keep in mind? I want to make sure I’m making the right decision.

One answer “What are the key factors to consider when using a SCROG setup for cannabis growing?

  1. If you’re toying with the idea of changing up your cannabis grow with a SCROG (Screen of Green) setup, you’re not alone. This tried and true method has been used in cannabis cultivation for years, and is now gaining momentum among cannabis cultivators of all skill levels. Equally as effective when used in indoor and outdoor settings, the SCROG method has some different elements to consider than the standard cannabis cultivation practices. Here’s some important factors to take into consideration when considering this growing method.

    When choosing a strain to grow using a SCROG set up, you’ll want to go with something that produces a large number of branches and nodes. Strains that respond well to topping, such as sativas and hybrid/crosses of the two, work particularly well in this set up. Not only does the large amount of branches and nodes support a larger yield, it also helps ensure that branches and sites underneath the screen can still receive adequate light. Additionally, when it comes to strain selection, it’s important to select varieties that fit the style of grow that you want to achieve – either a bushier or taller plant.

    For outdoor grows, taking into consideration things like the direction of the sun, wind, and other external forces that will be at play is also a key part to success with this method. This can be taken into consideration by creating a tier structure of screens and ladders to combat the impact of external factors that can block light or create too much wind for proper growth. Additionally, if opting for a greenhouse as your garden to house your cannabis plant/s, utilizing a proper ventilation and temperature regulating system is a must when it comes to success with the SCROG method.

    When it comes to specific equipment you’ll need to gather up to set up your screen, one main piece you should probably invest in is a light mover. Utilizing a light mover will help you evenly distribute light to the entire screen, and even create a better growing environment along the way. Additionally, a light mover increases the energy efficiency of the light by getting it closer to the canopy. It’s also important to be sure you’re using the correct material for your screen/ladder, as thinner mesh/netting actually allows light to pass through; promoting more even distribution and more even growth.

    Once you’re set up and growing, it’ll be important to maintain your SCROG setup properly. Topping your branches, once the buds have started to grow out can assist in filling up the canopy beneath the screen with bud sites, without negatively impacting the internodal spacing of the plant. Training your branches to also open up the canopy can yield great results, as this will also allow for more light penetration and more even buds across the plants canopy.

    If done correctly, the SCROG method can offer tremendous yields and improved quality when compared to other grow methods out there. Along with the improved quality comes financial and mental rewards, which are sure to add to the satisfaction of the overall grow. The trick is to give your plants the right amount of maintenance while they’re maturing and to be disciplined in your approach and expectations. With that combination in mind, you’ll be very pleased with your SCROG setup.

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