One answer “What do cannabis seeds look like?

  1. Cannabis seeds might be tiny, but they are packed with potential! A cannabis seed is the beginning of something jaw-droppingly amazing – rich, robust, pungent buds of potent THC and the delectable flavors that accompany it. But before we get ahead of ourselves, what do cannabis seeds actually look like in the wild?

    When looking at a cannabis seed you’ll notice its smooth, glossy exterior. They typically range from 1 millimeter to 5 millimeters in size, and come in a variety of vibrant colors such as deep brown, tan and green. The largest cannabis seeds are often called horse pellets because of their size resemblance. They’re usually a rich, dark brown color with hues of greens, purples and blues mixed in.

    Cannabis seeds have an incredibly hard exterior, making them incredibly resilient to insect predators. The exterior of a cannabis seed may appear smooth and unscathed, but take a closer look and you’ll see a patterned texture that’s almost like a fingerprint. This is what gives each seed its unique character and helps it stand out from the others.

    Inside of this hard-shelled exterior is a dormant embryo. The embryo contains the genetic coding for the plant that will result once the seed is germinated and given the correct conditions. Depending on the strain, there will also be tiny trichomes which give off the glossy or oily sheen that is so characteristic of cannabis seeds.

    The shape of cannabis seeds is also quite fascinating. Most cannabis seeds are long and narrow, resembling a tear drop or a half circle. The two poles of the seed are slightly flattened, like an almond on the short end, while the other end may have a more bulbous shape. Some seeds look more like an oval than a tear drop, while others may have an almost tear-shaped taper. This variety in shape and color is due to the different genetics of each seed, as each strain has its own unique genetics that determine the look and feel of a cannabis seed.

    All in all, cannabis seeds have a unique appearance that makes them easy to identify and distinguish from other types of plants. With a hard exterior, vibrant color, glossy finish, and unique patterned texture, cannabis seeds are easy to recognize, and an exciting start to the remarkable plant it can become with a little TLC.

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