What is a Carbon Filter and How Does it Work?

I’ve seen people talk about using carbon filters for growing cannabis, but I don’t really understand what they are or how they work. Could you explain it to me?

One answer “What is a Carbon Filter and How Does it Work?

  1. Carbon filters are an increasingly popular solution for removing smells from growing cannabis in indoor or outdoor environments. While simple solutions like airing out rooms and using fans can help eliminate unwanted smells from cannabis growing, carbon filters are the best answer for really getting rid of those aromas.

    Carbon filters work by absorbing the smells of cannabis plants and trapping the odors inside the filter. The air then leaves the filter without the smell, leaving your grow area odor-free.

    The carbon filter consists of a body, where the air is drawn in and passes through the filter, and an internal core, made up of different types of activated carbon. The body itself is typically made of plastic, metal, or fiber materials, with a polyether polyurethane foam block that helps facilitate airflow.

    The activated carbon core is the most important component and where the smell-eliminating work takes place. Activated carbon usually comes in several different varieties ranging from coconut shell, coal, and wood-based carbon blocks and powder. Carbon blocks are better suited for trapping larger particles while powder is better able to absorb odors.

    Each type brings its own advantages, so it’s up to you as the grower to decide what is best for your needs. You also want to make sure that the carbon you are using is specifically meant for smell-elimination, as not all activated carbons are made equal.

    Once the air is drawn in through the filter, as it passes through the activated carbon it traps any odors, it may have been carrying. The carbon itself is able to absorb the odors because of its large surface area and its high porosity, which allows it to trap the smells and reduce their potency.

    The air then exits the filter much cleaner and without the unwanted smell, leaving your grow area and surrounding area odorless. Carbon filters come in all shapes and sizes, from single- to five-stage units, and are available in either a ducted or open-air system. Ducted systems are great for professional setups, as there is no risk of smelly air leaking out, but open-air systems are great for hobby growers.

    Carbon filters are a great solution for ridding your cannabis-growing environment of unwanted aromas, but depending on the size of the filter, you may need to replace or clean it regularly or suffer from reduced service life of your filter; the larger the filter, the less frequently it needs changing.

    Finally, while carbon filters can reduce smell quite effectively, they can be expensive, so it may not be the most economical option for small set-ups. But if you’re serious about reducing smell and have the money to invest in a tank, then a carbon filter can be a great solution that will last you a while.

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