What is a dab rig?

What is a dab rig, and how is it used for consuming cannabis concentrates? How do dab rigs differ from other smoking devices in terms of efficiency, potency, and experience?

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  1. A dab rig, also known as an oil rig or wax rig, is a device specifically designed to vaporize cannabis concentrates by trapping their vapor in a water container. It is generally composed of two parts: a water pipe (or bong), and a nail. The nail is typically made of titanium, quartz, or glass, and has a small bowl on the end. The nail is heated up to temperatures usually between 300 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is on this hot surface that concentrates (shatter, budder, rosin, etc) are placed and vaporized.

    Dab rigs are often praised for their ability to produce extremely potent hits, due to the fact that concentrates tend to contain 70-90 % THC. Not only does this mean each dab can knock you out, it also means less product is needed to reach the desired effect. Because of this, dab rigs are extremely efficient; a single dab can be much more powerful than the average joint.

    The experience with a dab rig is usually a more intense one than the typical smoking experience. Unfortunately, this intensity can oftentimes be too much to handle if not prepared correctly. Weaving down its slippery slope is more common than you’d expect; it’s not unheard of to take a dab and feel extremely overwhelmed, especially as a beginner. Often, experienced users recommend taking multiple small dabs as opposed to one massive one.

    Besides potency and efficiency, another factor to consider is the flavor. Unlike smoking flower, dabs lack the terpenes needed to make the experience flavorful. However, in recent years some of the more high-end dab rigs have begun to feature percolators; the main purpose of this is to incorporate water filtration and further cool the vapor, thus creating a smoother draw. The percolator also tends to initiate a bubbling action, creating additional surface agitation and theoretically resulting in a terpene-enriched vapor.

    In comparison to bongs, dab rigs are generally smaller, as the heat and vaporization process requires less space. It’s also a much simpler process; all one needs to do is heat the nail, apply their concentrate, and inhale. While traditional bongs put the user through a more lengthy process involving packing and lighting, dab rigs are a few steps in and out.

    Finally, it is important to mention the necessary maintenance required to keep your rig in top condition. Since the nail gets heated up on a daily basis, it is prone to getting very dirty. Hence why a daily (if not more frequent) cleaning routine is essential to a dab rig’s longevity.

    In conclusion, dab rigs have become increasingly popular in the cannabis scene due to their potency, efficiency, and unique experience. They offer users a more intense high, and are an excellent way to consume concentrates for both beginners and veterans alike. Be sure to always stay informed on best practices and dabbing etiquette to get the most out of your dab rig.

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