One answer “What is a sploof?

  1. A sploof is a device used to conceal the smell of cannabis smoke. It’s a simple tool consisting of an air filter and an air intake. Think of it as a smoke filter that traps smoke particles within the filter keeping them from entering your environment. The air intake draws in any cannabis smoke that’s present in the air, trapping the aroma inside the filter, and emitting a much milder scent like a pleasant scent from a diffuser.

    In today’s climate, where living in densely populated areas can lead to undesired attention, a sploof can be a lifesaver in minimizing cannabis-related odors. By exhaling cannabis smoke through a Sploof, one can immediately smell the difference; the cannabis smell is significantly downplayed and replaced with a pleasant scent which not only reduces the odor, but also can act as a cover scent.

    The effectiveness of a sploof ultimately comes down to the quality of the filter. The more smoke particles the filter can trap, the better, as more smoke particles are effectively removed before being emitted back into the air. The quality of the sploof itself is also important; the size, the construction material, and the air flow rates all play a part in how effective the sploof is.

    The two main components of a sploof are the intake and the filter. The intake is the device’s gateway for incoming cannabis smoke, drawing it in and trapping it at the filter. The better the design of the sploof intake, the more effective it will be at gathering up cannabis smoke.

    The filter is the device’s main line of defense against the cannabis smoke. The better the filter, the more smoke particles it can trap and prevent from entering the air. The two most commonly used filter materials are activated carbon and charcoal. Activated carbon filters are very effective in trapping smoke particles, while charcoal filters tend to be a bit more porous and allow more particles to pass through.

    The last part of the sploof equation is the air flow rate. Basically, the airflow rate of a sploof will measure how quickly the smoke and other particles will move through the filter. The faster the flow rate, the more effective the filter will be.

    When it comes to using a sploof, you’ll want to pay attention to the size and number of smoke particles in the air. If there are too many smoke particles in the air, it can overwhelm the filter and render it less effective. If the air contains too few smoke particles, then the sploof will be useless since it won’t be able to capture anything.

    So, how effective is a sploof in reducing the smell of cannabis smoke? It depends. Quality of the sploof, the materials of the filter and the air flow rate all play a part in how many smoke particles are captured and how much odor is reduced. However, in general, a well-made sploof should be more than capable of dramatically reducing cannabis smoke odor.

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