What is supercropping and how is it done?

I’ve heard about a technique called supercropping, can you explain what it is and how it is done? Is it a safe and effective method for increasing yields in cannabis plants?

One answer “What is supercropping and how is it done?

  1. Supercropping, is a unique and highly effective technique used to increase the yields of cannabis plants. It is a popular technique practiced by experienced growers, although it requires a strong understanding of the plant and its genetic makeup.

    To begin, supercropping is a form of pruning that involves bending the branches of a cannabis plant to the point of soft deformity, essentially stretching out and snapping the branches. This will not harm the plant, as the inner woody core of the branch retains its stronghold, essentially fast-forwarding its growth to achieve higher yields. This technique can be used any time during the plant’s life cycle, but it is most effective during the flowering stage when the buds start to develop.

    Before starting supercropping, it’s important to note a few things. First, always make sure to wear gloves when supercropping – the resin from the cannabis plant can be sticky, and skin contact can increase the risk of infection or irritation. Second, find growth nodes or pointy sections on the branches; these are the potential weak points. Third, use gentle but firm pressure to bend the branches. You don’t want to break them entirely, just give them a consistent pressure to form the shape you want.

    To perform the actual supercropping, hold the arm of the plant in one hand and the top of the branch in the other. Gently twist the top of the branch until it snaps, forming a 90º angle with the arm of the plant. Be sure not to break the branch completely, as this will damage the short internodes and reduce yields. Performing this technique correctly will cause the affected branches to become thicker and stronger, as the bending encourages more growth hormones to be released.

    The benefits of supercropping are numerous. Principally, it can increase yields dramatically; by providing the plant with stronger, thicker branches and stems, more energy will be able to reach the buds, resulting in larger and denser flowers. Supercropping can also help accelerate the ripening process, making it a great technique for those working with shorter growing seasons.

    Overall, supercropping is an effective and relatively safe technique for increasing the yields of cannabis plants. It is most effective when used correctly during the flowering stage, but it can be employed at any time during the plant’s life cycle. Manipulating the branches properly is key and should be done with gentle but firm pressure. With dedication and expertise, supercropping can be a great way to increase yields, ripen buds faster and smarter, and overall improve the overall quality of your harvest.

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