One answer “what is the best haze strain

  1. Haze cannabis strains are one of the most popular and sought-after strains of weed around. This iconic strain has a long and storied history that is filled with tales of adventure and creativity, making it one of the most beloved types of cannabis amongst experienced smokers. Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain that is renowned for its intense and long-lasting cerebral high, energetic effects, and its incredibly complex and flavorful profiles. The Haze strain offers a mix of earthy, sweet, and spicy flavors that make it an excellent choice for the experienced smoker who enjoys a flavorful, higher potency smoke.

    The original Haze strain first made its debut in the 1960s in the Santa Cruz region of California. It was created by legendary cannabis breeders, such as Ed Rosenthal and the “Haze Brothers”, who bred a mix of Sativa-dominant landraces from Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, and South India. This unique breeding project produced the flavorful Haze strain that has been popular amongst smokers ever since.

    The effects of Haze are primarily known to be uplifting and energetic. Haze is famous for its powerful and steadily building cerebral high that activates both body and mind. It’s initial effects are creative and energizing, motivating users to get things accomplished or explore artistic projects. As the high wears on, users become increasingly social and talkative. The physical effects of Haze are mild, typically restricted to a light body buzz.

    The complex aroma of Haze is often described as earthy and woody, with an underlying sweetness. On the exhale, users will detect hints of spicy and musky tones that linger on the palate. This strain is often used to make designer extracts and concentrates due to its delicious flavor profile.

    Haze is an ideal strain for experienced smokers who are looking for a flavorful, energetic high that will get them feeling creative and motivated. Although it’s Sativa-dominant effects can sometimes be too overpowering for newer smokers, it’s a great strain to smoke with friends that’s sure to start some interesting conversations. For longtime smokers, Haze is a classic that should never be overlooked.

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