One answer “What makes Blue Dream popular?

  1. Blue Dream—one of the most popular cannabis strains on the market—boasts a range of appealing features that make it a favourite among smokers and growers alike.

    First and foremost, Blue Dream features a delightful flavor profile that has been described as “sweetly earthy”, with notes of berry and vanilla. Additionally, its effects are unique and quite versatile. Though Blue Dream typically delivers a strong cerebral high, the physical relaxation that it produces generally creates a pleasant body buzz. This means that Blue Dream can be enjoyed both in the daytime or in the evening.

    Further, growing Blue Dream is a relative breeze. It does well in both indoors and outdoor environments, with a flowering period that typically lasts for 8-10 weeks. Additionally, the strain is famed for being relatively robust and low maintenance, making it a great choice for beginner and experienced growers alike.

    In terms of its terpene profile, the strain is particularly notable for featuring a higher than usual concentration of the terpene, myrcene. This has been associated with providing the sweet, earthy aroma that is so often associated with Blue Dream. As an indica-dominant hybrid, the strain also features an abundance of alpha-pinene, which is known to cause an uplifting effect and to also act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

    When discussing Blue Dream’s characteristics, we would be remiss not to mention its acclaimed THC content, which typically ranges from 17-24%. When combined with its mild yet effective CBD content, this should help to explain why this strain is gaining a loyal and ever-expanding following.

    Ultimately, Blue Dream is the perfect choice for cannabis connoisseurs who are looking for a strain that bursts with flavor and offers unique effects. With its resonant, sweetly earthy flavor, pleasant and mellow high, and an easy-to-grow plant—it’s no surprise that Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains on the market.

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