One answer “What strains are good for outdoor growing?

  1. Growing marijuana outdoors is an attractive prospect for many growers, as it allows them to cultivate plants in their natural environment, often with impressive yields. Growing cannabis outdoors can be a great way to save money on electricity, provide a more natural environment, and to have a more easily accessible crop. With the right strain, outdoor growers can potentially produce large quantities of high-quality buds.

    Certain marijuana strains were created specifically to do well in outdoor settings. Common traits among these strains are adaptations to environmental and seasonal changes, vigor, size, pest tolerance and mold resistance. When selecting an outdoor strain, it’s important to consider the climate in which you’ll be growing and the number of hours of light and darkness that you’ll experience in a growing season.

    Popular outdoor strains include Afghan Kush, Durban Poison, Northern Lights and White Widow. Given their hardiness, these strains are great choices for beginning outdoor growers. Afghan Kush is a reliable strain with heavy yields that is a popular choice among outdoor gardeners. Durban Poison is a sativa dominant strain that is a good choice for warm climates and short growing seasons. Northern Lights is a short flowering indica strain that is popular for its speed and ease of cultivation. White Widow is a hybrid strain that has a short flowering time and good yields, making it an excellent choice for outdoor growers.

    Some other strains that have proven to be resilient and adaptable to outdoor conditions include Blue Haze, Chiefly, Cinderella 99, and Sour Diesel. Blue Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is resistant to mold and pests and has fairly large yields despite its tall size. Chiefly is an indica-dominant hybrid offering large yields and excellent potency. Cinderella 99 has great yields and a short flowering time, making it ideal for warmer climates. Sour Diesel is a very popular sativa strain offering large yields and excellent potency.

    No matter what strain you go with, giving your plants the right environment and lavishing them with your care can make a huge difference in their quality, yield, and health. It’s also important to monitor the weather conditions and to take protective measures, such as building greenhouses or covering the plants with netting, to mitigate any negative effects from strong winds or heavy rain.

    Overall, choosing the right marijuana strain for outdoor cultivation is an important part of a successful outdoor growing experience. By selecting strains with good mold and pest resistance, large yields, and short flowering times, outdoor growers can significantly increase their chances for a successful harvest.

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