One answer “What strains are known for their fast flowering time?

  1. The term “fast flowering cannabis” refers to strains that bloom in an accelerated time frame. These quick-flowering varieties are ideal for growers who are limited in space and time or need an immediate harvest. Fast flowering cannabis strains are generally favored by those who live in climates with shorter growing seasons, or the cannabis enthusiast that requires a speedy turnaround time on their crop.

    Lighting is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to a speedy flower time. Fast flowering varieties need 18+ hours of light, especially in the later weeks. This extended photo period will speed up the flowering process and promote maximum growth in a shorter amount of time. Indoor growers can utilize high performing LED lights, with a proper light-locking tent and fan to manage temperatures. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to start their fast flowering varieties in early to mid spring for earliest possible harvest.

    The genetics of a cannabis strain play a significant role in its growth rate and maturity. Fast flowering cannabis strains will typically bloom with an accelerated timeline, when given the proper lights and nutrients. Ruderalis genetics are renowned for their speedy flower times, sometimes being ready for harvest in seven weeks or less. Sativa-dominated hybrids are also known to flower quickly; however, growers can expect a euphoric and energizing high. If a mellow and calming high is desired, indica-dominant or hybrid varieties are better choices, as they usually take slightly longer to reach maturity.

    Additional factors such as nutrients, pH levels, climate, tent ventilation and plant pruning can also influence flowering times. Poor soil quality and/or incorrect pH levels can stunt flower growth and cause nutrient deficiencies. Adding a slow-release fertilizer or nutrient-rich soil can reward longer harvest windows and higher yields. Similarly, heat and cold temperatures can cause flower times to speed up or slow down. Temperatures above 85° F can encourage early flowering but at the risk of development issues, so maintaining proper levels is key for a nutritious and strong harvest. Pruning is also a great way to help regulate the size, shape and structure of your plants, leading to higher quality and a faster flowering time.

    In conclusion, fast flowering cannabis strains are ideal for growers limited on space and time, or those living in certain climates. Genetics, lighting and additional exterior factors can contribute to shorter flowering times, as well as yield totals. Fast flowering varieties can achieve a quick turnaround time when provided with the proper tools and techniques, translating to a speedy harvest that every cannabis enthusiast can enjoy.

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