One answer “What strains have a short growth period?

  1. Cannabis strains with a short growth period are often essential for commercial growers, as it speeds up their overall yield. For home growers, cannabis strains with shorter growth periods can help them get their harvest faster, rather than waiting for more lengthy plants. Whether you’re a commercial grower or someone growing for your personal use, being able to reap the benefits of your crop soon has advantages.

    Cannabis strains that have been known to have a short growth period are typically indica hybrids that are not as prone to reaching excessive heights, auto-flowering strains, and sativa dominant strains. Indica hybrids such as White Widow, Blueberry Diesel and Bubblegum Kush have shorter flowering times and tend to stay shorter than other strains. Long flowering strains or Sativa Dominant generally have longer growth periods, usually requiring around 10-12 weeks to bloom. Auto-flowering strains are popular amongst outdoor growers, as they can help with time management and have shorter growth periods, often blooming within around eight weeks.

    Factors that contribute to a shorter growth period include lighting, nutrients, and temperatures. Without proper lighting, plants simply won’t have enough energy to flower, causing longer growth times. Plants that are kept in too low or high temperatures can also cause delays, as temperatures drop too much for the plant to grow and flower. Nutrient levels also play an important role in having a short growth period. If there is an imbalance in the nutrients, it can cause delays and a longer growth period.

    One of the most important aspects of having a short growth period is the amount of light the plants are receiving. Natural sunlight is the best source of light for cannabis plants, but for growers who don’t have access to it, artificial lighting such as HPS and LED lights are often used. Without enough light and energy from the sun, plants will take longer to flower and develop.

    It is also important to have the right amount and balance of nutrients, as an imbalance can lead to longer growth time and lower yields. Nitrogen is one of the most important elements in a plant’s diet, and it is also one of the first nutrients that cannabis plants need to grow. Without enough nitrogen, plants will not have the energy they need to flower and complete their growth cycle in a timely manner.

    Finally, controlling temperatures is an important way to achieve a short growth period. Keeping temperatures around 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit helps keep plants healthy, allowing them to grow and blossom quickly. Staying away from extreme temperatures (below 65, above 85) helps keep plants from going into shock and slowing down their growth.

    In conclusion, cannabis strains that are known for having a short growth period are typically indica hybrids, auto-flowering strains, and sativa dominant strains. To achieve a short growth period, having the proper amount and balance of light, nutrients and temperature is essential. With the right care and cultivation, growers can have a successful harvest in a shorter amount of time, with bigger yields.

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