Why are my Fruity Pebbles feminized plants producing seeds in the buds?

I’m growing Fruity Pebbles feminized seeds, and I’ve noticed that some of my plants are producing seeds in the buds. What could be causing this issue, and how can I prevent my Fruity Pebbles plants from producing seeds?

One answer “Why are my Fruity Pebbles feminized plants producing seeds in the buds?

  1. Ah, Fruity Pebbles – one of the most popular flavoured strains of cannabis out there! It’s fun, fruity, and undeniably tasty. But, one thing you don’t want when growing Fruity Pebbles is producing seeds in your buds! Though it’s not ideal, this unfortunately happens sometimes due to a phenomenon known as ‘hermaphroditism’, which is where the buds of your female plants take on both female and male characteristics. When this happens, the result can be that your female plants will produce both stigma (the pollen carrying parts of the flower) and ovules (the female reproductive organ). This can cause them to self-pollinate, resulting in your buds having seeds. Not only that, but the THC levels of your buds could potentially be lower than otherwise, which isn’t ideal. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to prevent this from happening in the future.

    The first and most important step you’ll want to take towards avoiding Fruity Pebbles producing seeds in your buds is to ensure that your grow conditions are optimal. This means making sure that temperatures, light/dark cycles, pH levels and nutrient levels (via fertiliser) are all within their recommended ranges. These details can usually be found on seed packages, but may vary depending on the specific strain you’re growing. It’s also important to make sure the air and soil your plants are growing in is free from any unwanted pests or viral infections.

    Another key step is to make sure all your plants are properly identified as male or female prior to planting. This can be done via pre-flowers, which are small, flowering-like structures that will appear on your plants, indicating their gender. You can then remove any male plants before they have the chance to fertilise your female Fruity Pebbles plants and cause them to produce seeds.

    Finally, if you notice that any of your Fruity Pebbles plants are starting to produce ‘pollen sacs’ or ‘bananas’ (the tell-tale signs of hermaphroditism taking place), be sure to remove them from your garden as soon as possible. This will help ensure your female plants don’t get fertilised and produce seeds in the buds.

    In conclusion, although Fruity Pebbles feminized seeds sometimes produce seeds in their buds, there are a few steps you can take to help avoid this from happening, such as ensuring optimal grow conditions, properly identifying plant genders beforehand, and removing any plants showing signs of hermaphroditism. Doing this will help increase the potency of your buds, and ensure you don’t end up with Fruity Pebbles Feminized Seed Buds!

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