Why are the leaves on my Diesel autoflower plants turning brown?

I’m growing Diesel autoflower seeds, and I’ve noticed that the leaves on some of my plants are turning brown. What could be causing this issue, and how can I prevent it from affecting the rest of my crop?

One answer “Why are the leaves on my Diesel autoflower plants turning brown?

  1. Browning leaves are never a good sign when it comes to growing anything, let alone autoflower cannabis. Brown spots, edges, and patches of dead foliage – all of which can affect an entire autoflower crop, seeing as they are more fragile than other strains.

    So if you’ve noticed browning leaves on your autoflower plants, the first thing you need to figure out is what the issue is. Then take steps to prevent it from spreading to the rest of your garden.

    The most common causes of browning leaves in autoflower cannabis include nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, excessive salinity, and temperature problems. Let’s take a look at each of these issues in more detail.

    Nutrient Deficiencies

    Browning leaves can be a tell-tale sign of nutrient deficiencies. When the plants aren’t getting the right mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other micronutrients, it can cause parts of the leaves to die off. This is often seen with an iron, nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium deficiency.

    A nutrient deficiency can also be caused by a number of other reasons, including low-quality soil, imbalances in the pH levels, and a lack of amendments such as worm castings, rock dust, or kelp meal.

    To fix a nutrient deficiency, you’ll first of all need to check your nutrient levels. Both soil and hydroponic growers can use a pH kit (available online and offline) to do this.

    Once you have identified the issue, you can use specific nutrients to supplement. If the problem persists, consider sending a sample of soil or hydroponic nutrient solution to a lab for analysis.


    Autoflower plants are particularly susceptible to dehydration. If your plants are getting too little water, or the roots are too dry, it can lead to browning leaves.

    To remedy this issue, try increasing the humidity and water levels in the grow room. Ensure that your plants get plenty of water – at least once a day during the veg stage and two or three times a day during the flowering stage. And make sure the roots are always moist but not sopping wet.

    Excessive Salinity

    High levels of salts or minerals can also cause browning of the leaves. If your nutrient solution is too salty, you’ll need to flush the roots with water to dilute the solution. Running unchlorinated water through the system a few times can also help.

    Temperature Problems

    If the temperature in your grow room is too high, it can cause browning of the leaves. Autoflower plants don’t do well in extremely hot climates with high temps and high humidity. To help keep these temperatures under control, try installing an air conditioner or fans if needed.

    The key to preventing any of these issues with your autoflower crop is to stay on top of your nutrient levels, ensure the roots are well-hydrated, monitor temperatures, and take action as soon as browning leaves appear. Keeping a close eye on your plants and troubleshooting any issues that arise as soon as possible should help keep your crop healthy and on track for a successful harvest.

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