One answer “Why are the leaves on my Gelato autoflower plants yellowing?

  1. Yellow leaves in your Gelato autoflower plants could mean that there are a few different potential causes, and it’s important to understand what’s going on in order to ensure that your crop stays healthy.

    The most common cause of yellow leaves in autoflower seedlings is overexposure to direct sunlight, as autoflowers are sensitive to this and can quickly become sun-scorched. With these small plants, it’s important to pay attention to the intensity of the light that they’re receiving. If your plants are placed in extremely bright light, or left in the sun for too long, it’s likely that the leaves will start to turn yellow. To prevent this from happening, you should place your plants in indirect sunlight, and make sure they get enough shade. If they’re exposed to too much direct sunlight, it’s a good idea to move them into a more shady spot.

    Cannabis is also vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies, which can cause yellow leaves. To prevent this, you should use a nutrient solution that’s specifically formulated for autoflowering cannabis plants. Additionally, make sure to keep track of the pH levels of your nutrient solution, and adjust it as needed if it falls out of the ideal range. If a certain nutrient is lacking, the leaves will show signs of it and you may need to add more of that nutrient to the mix.

    Incorrect watering is another possible cause of yellow leaves in autoflowers. Too much, or too little, water can both cause the leaves to turn yellow. Overwatering can cause leaf yellowing because the roots aren’t able to absorb enough oxygen, while underwatering can do the same, as the plants don’t have enough moisture to stay healthy. It’s important to watch out for both scenarios. Make sure to check the soil to make sure that it’s properly moist, and avoid overwatering. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use a moisture meter to ensure that you’re getting the right level of hydration for your plants.

    Yellow leaves on your autoflower plants can mean a lot of different things, and it’s important to diagnose the cause in order to prevent the problem from spreading. The most common causes of yellow leaves are overexposure to direct sunlight, nutrient deficiencies, and incorrect watering. If you make sure that your plants are adequately shaded and hydrated, while also ensuring that they have the right nutrient mix and pH levels, you can prevent yellow leaves and keep your plants healthy.

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