One answer “Are land races more potent?

  1. The notion that cannabis land races are more potent than other strains is a topic of debate in the cannabis culture. To answer this question, let us first define land race strains, explore the origins of land races, and then consider why some believe land races can be more potent than other strains.

    Simply put, cannabis land races are pure, native cannabis varieties that have acclimatised to particular climatic, geographic and environmental conditions in their natural habitat. For example, a land race originating in Afghanistan would have adapted to the climate and environmental conditions that characterise the region: intense heat during the day, cooler temperatures at night, high altitude, and nutrient-poor soils. These land races have been grown in situ for hundreds of years, and are virtually unchanged since they first became domesticated. Characteristically, they are hardy and resilient plants; capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions due to generations of adaptation.

    Surprisingly, even today, land race cannabis can be found growing wild around the world; in countries such as India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia and parts of Africa. In fact, the land race probably represents the original cannabis found on the planet. Naturally, these land races have never been exposed to any artificial amendments or heavy layers of chemical-based fertilisers, and as such, consider them to be ‘natural’ cannabis.

    Despite the hardiness and adaptability of land races, these strains are often high in THC concentration, making them more potent than other cannabis varieties. This can be attributed primarily to the ancient selection process. As with many long-standing agricultural crops, the selection process has been refined by generations of growers. Over time, the most desirable traits, such as heritage and highest potency, have been selected, while the undesirable traits have been eliminated. Consequently, cannabis land races have been refined to have a higher THC concentration.

    Moreover, this increased potency can also be attributed to the extreme environmental conditions within which the land race has adapted. Unlike other cannabis strains grown in indoor, temperature and humidity-controlled environments, land races have had to earn their potency the hard way; through exposure to extreme temperatures, lack of nutrition in the soil, and a wide array of organisms and pest infestations. Due to this, the terpenes and flavonoids developed in the plant help maintain its hardiness, as well as its potency.

    In conclusion, cannabis land races can be more potent than other cannabis varieties due to their ancient selection process and their hardy nature developed through their exposure to their native environments. Although it is difficult to demonstrate a direct comparison between cannabis land races and other strains, the ancient selection process, coupled with their natural adaptation to harsh conditions, provides a compelling argument for their increased potency.

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