What is moon rock?

What is a cannabis moon rock, and how is it made? How do moon rocks differ from other cannabis products in terms of potency and consumption methods?

What is a dab?

What is a dab, and how does it relate to cannabis concentrates? How is it consumed, and what should I be aware of in terms of potency and effects?

What is bubble hash?

What is bubble hash, and how is it made from cannabis plants? How does its potency and method of consumption differ from other cannabis products?

What are the most potent THC strains?

As an experienced cannabis user, I’m looking for strains with the highest THC content. Can you recommend some strains that are known to be extremely potent? Also, what are some potential side effects to be aware of?

What’s the Most Potent Strain?

I’m looking for a cannabis strain that packs a punch in terms of potency. I’m an experienced smoker and I’m looking for something strong and long-lasting. Can you suggest a strain that’s known for its high THC levels?